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Jun 7, 2009 04:36 PM

Best and Worst Recipes You Made From a Cooking Blog

a thread about best and worst recipes from cooking shows inspired a lot of replies ( i wonder what people would say about recipes from cooking blogs.

so, what have you made from a cooking blog that was a huge hit or a big miss?

(small note: obviously bloggers aren't aren't paid like cooking show hosts/celebrities and the bloggers are just being generous by sharing their culinary creativity... just something to think about if your reply is has negative feedback. thanks).

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  1. i made a buffalo chicken soup from a crock-pot blog. I couldnt even eat it. The chicken had dissolved and it was just awful... That being said Im kind of leary of trying anything else from a blog. but thats just me :)

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      As someone who writes a blog with original recipes I've developed, I would suggest that you (and anyone else who has had negative experiences with the recipes - I'm sure there are lots!) let the blog author know - diplomatically, of course. You can leave usually leave comments on the blog or contact them by e-mail. I know that I would appreciate feedback if something truly didn't work and was inedible so I could fine tune it to make it better. It's very difficult for amateurs to test a large number of recipes without a full kitchen staff and professional equipment so input is always welcome!

    2. i was recently looking for a recipe for carnitas and came across the homesick texan. i made her carnitas and accompanying green sauce for a dinner party (which i usually don't TRY recipes for a dinner party, but decided to take a chance) to RAVE reviews! truly, the best carnitas i have ever had and i heard the same from everyone at the party. i would try anything she posts!!!

      1. I have recently discovered a great food blog called Baking Bites. I have made several of the recipes and they have all come out well. I cant wait to try more!

        So far I have made: Lime & raspberry bread, quick and easy cinnamon bun bread, chocolate pancakes, crustless spinach quiche, chocolate yogurt loaf, mixed berry ricotta cakes, applesauce granola (outstanding!!), cocoa fudge cookies, carrot cake, buttermilk lemon bars, chocolate marble cake.

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          The lemon bars sound great, I'm always looking for ways to use up buttermilk. I may have found a new favourite food blog.

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            Second Baker bites. I googled some ingredients + strata and found the best recipe on this site. Picky family loved it Christmas morning so I made it for a large fund raiser at church and had many requests for the recipe. It turns out it was a recipe from Cook's Illustrated.

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              i've made the chocolate yogurt loaf and really liked it. i'll have to check out that granola! thx.

            2. I made these oven fries a couple of months ago, and ate them all by myself. Didn't even wait for the burger that was supposed to go with them to finish cooking. Great with sour cream.

              In general, when looking at blogs, I only make recipes that seem like they're going to work. I haven't had any huge disasters yet, but it's probably only a matter of time.