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Jun 7, 2009 04:26 PM

DBGB Opening

Does anyone know if DBGB will be taking reservations? Or will it be like Spotted Pig (and seemingly a million other trendy restaurants) and be first-come-first-serve? If the latter is true, I would try and hit up the public opening tomorrow night. Otherwise, I would just call and book a table for sometime this summer.

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  1. they do take reservations, either by phone or online (their site kicks you to Opentable)

    1. i was there the other night... i'm single and just wanted to check it out so went to grab something to eat at the bar early.... OK... really... did you have to only purchase bar "benches" that seat 2 PEOPLE????? what... single people don't go to the bar... it just sends a bad message... and the reply..."just sit next to someone"... really isn't realistic when you look at the benches... it's wierd... spend the change and get some single seats....

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      1. I just called and got an early reservation for this evening. Has anyone eaten here yet? I'd like to hear about your experience...

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          I went to the soft opening last week. It was on a whim and not well planned out on our part. Wound up being 5 minutes too late to get any food. So we left. BUT I must say the burgers I did see floating around did look very very tempting. Everyone in our small group commented about them.