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Jun 7, 2009 04:23 PM


I've heard some very good things about Meme and am interested in going there. However, when I went on the website, there were no prices listed. Can someone give me an idea of the appetizer and entree prices? Also, what are some of the recommended choices? Thanks.

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  1. The prices are great actually, apps go from $8 - $17 (17 being foie gras). Entrees are between $19 - $25 with a highly recommended whole organic chicken for two at $36 ($18 pp) I've never been disappointed with Katz's cooking and at Meme there are some hits for sure. Sizzling mussels are like no other you'll ever have, beef tartare with a sunny side up quail egg and salty chips, steak with a blue cheese hash brown, and I've had the best skate of my life there as well. Desserts are simple and great and a very well designed wine list with some low mark up. Gets kinda loud in there, but the music is like rock and kinda needs to be. VERY laid back vibe. A friend also told me the very special St. Canut Farms pork is back on the weekend menu which is also a "for two" dish.

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      I was at Meme tonight for their happy hour summer $5 menu. There are 3 five dollar glass wines and 3 appetizers for $5. Great deal, we had a grilled shrimp & chorizo skewer, and an awesome really refreshing arugula salad. The rose was amazing, Paras Balta (cab & merlot) from Spain and also a South African chenin blanc. I have eaten at Meme in the winter and everything was better than good and hadn't got back til tonight. They seemed a little slow, but maybe it's because it is summer? This definitely doesn't seem like the kind of place that should be easy to get into as it's been pretty damn good every time I've been. With a great playlist too by the way.

    2. They also have a great Sunday brunch!!