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Jun 7, 2009 03:59 PM

What grind for a Bialetti?

Hi all,

Just bought a new stove-top coffee maker, a Bialetti "Musa".
Had a similar (cheaper) one until this morning when I left it on the flame and ruined it.

Reading the instructions for the Bialetti raised two questions:

1. What level of grind is ideal?

The instructions say "not too fine" and leave it at that. I'd always put an "espresso grind" on the beans I put into my no-name, but essentially identical, device.

2. Is what comes out of these devices "espresso"?

Clearly I'm a coffee lover, not an expert. Google is kind of unhelpful.


A Train

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  1. From my understanding, what comes out of your Bialetti will be espresso because it is still a steam-infused preparation. The espresso grind is fine, although you can adjust that for taste as you like. Coarser for a little weaker product, and finer for a stronger.

    I was just getting ready to get my "no name Bialetti" out for an affogato de frozen custard spin tonight. So, I think what will come out of mine is, at least for tonight, an "ice cream sauce." :-)

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      Thanks for the response. Searching a little more online I came across this page from bialetti:
      It's for the Brikka model but suggests "medium to coarse ground espresso coffee".
      Enjoy that dessert!