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Jun 7, 2009 03:18 PM

Murasaki Cherrydale in Gville SC

They got a new sushi chef. I went with the family Friday night. I asked him to feed me and my 17 yo son. I have to say it was awesome. I felt that the susi was differant than Kay Son who has returned to Japan to care for an ederly mother.
This new chef fed us 5 courses of some absolutly fantastic stuff. I would suggest this as new place to chow down.
They have a few habachi grills and my wife and daughter enjoyed the food from that. It was a nice show with some good food. We all set at the grill and no one seemed to mind that only two were eating from the grill.

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  1. Agreed. The new chef is great! We LOVED the chef who just left, but we love the new one too. He's a bit easier to communicate with as well, so my husband is particularly happy.

    1. Out of curiosity (and because my parents live near there), how much does the 'feed me' cost?

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        it wasn't bad. I think our lunch was $30 for two of us. It consisted of nothing but sashimi. A very nice, beautifully presented selection of sashimi, some unusual stuff, but honestly , I was still hungry. It afforded me the opportunity to eat some chocolate pretzels for dessert ;-)

        Apparently there is a big difference between feed me and using the word "omakase". If you want that, Chef Jack told my husband he would like 3 weeks notice. $$ unknown, we haven't done it yet.

        1. re: danna

          I have done Omakase many times there. I have had it run as high $125 per person and as low as $60 per person. Included in that is a large saki. It depends on what is on hand. A weeks notice if you want the most awesome meal but I have walked in without notice and had a great meal.