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Domino's Pasta bowls

granted there's no Dominos anywhere near me, but I keep seeing the ads for these things, and i'm amused by the concept.

Anyone tried one? Looks like a great hangover meal, lol. Quite the carb fest.

hey , at least it's environmentally friendly, no bowl to wash ;)

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    1. James Norton over on the Supertaster column gives them a big thumbs down. Here's a link to his video review and the ensuing discussion:


      1. whata an oximoron, pasta in a bread bowl, carb overload.

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          One of the most idiotic ideas ive ever heard. Speaks volumes about the American diet

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            I'm all for carb overloads, but if you're going to go that route, at least make it worthwhile and flavourful, like a good Thanksgiving dinner.

            1. re: treb

              i'm not totally sure how that qualifies as an oxymoron.

            2. I gave the Marinara and Sausage one a try. It was pretty awful. Basically a ton of their standard tomato-based sauce over soggy penne, and minimal meat. In a bread bowl that was fairly tasteless. I will not repeat.

              However, I remain impressed with their chicken/bacon sandwich: it consistently is very tasty and filling, albeit horrible for me.

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                Hear, hear. My digestive system balks at Domino's. I actually quite enjoy the flavour of the pizza but then my body decides that I've performed chemical warfare on it through the ingestion and it decides to fight back. I have never felt more disgusting than the last three times I made the mistake of eating Domino's.

              2. It's only a matter of time before Domino's goes out of business. Their product is embarrassingly subpar now. The last time I ordered, I was treated to:

                a. plastic crust
                b. plastic cheese: extra skimpy
                c. tomato sauce: extra dry

                And, it was lukewarm. The price was right at $4.99 but even then, it wasn't worth it. This place is just asking to file for chapter 7...

                1. I usually order the Chicken Carbonara bread bowl and it's not bad. The pasta is average but the bowl itself is yummy. The seasoning on that sucker makes it great. Plus decent portion size so I always have leftovers for the next day.