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Jun 7, 2009 02:19 PM

"IN" Restaurants??

What are some really "in" classy high end restaurants that are teen-friendly??

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  1. First, I think that it should be noted that the most "in" restaurants are not always the most classy, nor do they always have the best food. That said, as a teen that eats out a little more than I probably should, I can safely say that as long as you aren't disruptive and are generally polite, restaurants will be teen-friendly.

    I think it would be easier to help you out if you could clarify your priorities. Do you want to go to the coolest new place in town or a slightly older, less trendy, restaurant with suburb food?

    I would be happy to suggest some places, but more details would be helpful. Thanks.

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      Edit, I typed "suburb" food instead of "superb" food. For some reason, I doubt that a lot of suburbs have the kind of restaurants lolgirl0311 is looking for.

    2. Monkey Bar (older crowd) and Waverly Inn (younger). OR Charles at 234 West Fourth Street, sort of Euro/media crowd.

      1. I have seen some younger people at Craft which is not a bad choice.