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Jun 7, 2009 02:08 PM

Your last meal.

Imagine: ( With apologies to the late John Lennon)
Imagine you're on death row. Imagine tomorrow is the day you are to be executed. Tonight you are to eat your last meal. Anything you desire is available and will be prepared by a world-class chef.
You have accepted and come to terms with your fate. You are physically healthy and not mentally depressed. You do not have any food allergies. You can have any kind of alcohol with your meal.
You are, naturally, unconcerned about weight gain, hang-over, or indigestion etc.
What will you request for your last meal?

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  1. Once when we were watching something on TV about an execution and a last meal, I asked my husband what he would choose for his last meal. He immediately said, "Your meatloaf". Now you know why we have been married for 56 years. Personally I have never understood how a person could eat at all in such circumstances. I think that sipping a little tea would be all I could manage. Yuck.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I'd eat myself sick. They're not taking me without an ugly mess to clean up >:D

        Do I have the option to make my own last meal? 'cause I want some of my own mushroom gravy with beer, mom's lasange, smoke cafe garlic soup and puffy chips, good salsa, little old church lady tamales, a taco truck taco, and potatoes in 5 forms, with some slightly above refridgerator temp pepsi from a can. Canabutter brownies for dessert of course, and chocolate liquer

        1. A couple pints of Guinness, some raw oysters, chocolate in some form for dessert, and yes, my mom's meatloaf

          1. Another favourite website of mine, aside from CH of course, details real death row inmates' last meals...very interesting indeed.

            Mine would be my Grandmother's warm raisin brown bread, blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, big bowl of oatmeal with cream, brown sugar, dried fruits, coffee with cream and sugar.

            Or maybe all the lobster I could eat, mussels, potato salad, white bread, melted garlic butter, strawberry shortcake and apple pie, nice Chardonnay.