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Jun 7, 2009 02:03 PM

Crab Boil

any restaurants in montreal serving crab boils?

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  1. Not that I've noticed and I've been looking.

    1. Crab seems to be food non grata in MTL. Sure you got the queen crab legs and the king crab, but an honest blue crab meal is a rare sight indeed. It used to be on every chinatown menu, now even there, somewhat rare (it may be on the menu, but its not in stock).
      Theres a thread about foods that haunt you ('cause you can't get it anymore) and I always think about a restaurant on Parc called Crab a Folie. Spider crab or dungeness or blue or a gargantuan australian crab - all on the menu and all-u-can eat. They dumped it in a pile on the table. OMG, PARADISE!
      If you want a boil, seems ya gotta do it yerself. Gitterdone!