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Jun 7, 2009 12:54 PM

Fredericksburg peaches on 290?

Just a quick question for folks: are the peaches sold out of the back of trucks along 290 and 71 as good as the "real deal" down in Fredericksburg? Is there a compelling reason to make the drive to get them from the orchards?

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  1. I don't know that a drive to the orchards would do you much good; the late freeze in April is reported to have killed most/all of the peaches in Gillespie County this year. Don't know if that is limited to the early clingstones or to both cling and free. Doubt the truck peaches can compare.

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    1. re: txtowhead

      I heard the bad news, too. :-(

      By the way, you can get details and contact info for most of the orchards here:

      1. re: budgethound

        Very interesting website for those of us who are addicted to Stonewall peaches. I have been back and forth between A. and Kerrville about 3 times in the past six weeks and all they have right now are peaches from other citiies, ie. Mexia, Pittsburg. They tell me that their might be some coming in soon. I am going down there again today and will keep you posted.

        1. re: singlemalt

          Per the ladies at Burg's Corner in Stonewall, there will be no Stonewall peaches this year. Wah!!!