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Jun 7, 2009 12:42 PM

lidia bastianich cookbooks -- which one do you like to cook from?

which one do you like the best, and why? i got a $15 alibris coupon and have had my mouth watering over all of the dishes on lidia's shows on the create network.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. now i know some of you have lidia cookbooks!

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      1. re: alkapal

        I have Lidia's Italy. Although I like her show, I rarely if every use her book. I enjoyed looking at it and reading about the various parts of italy but for some reason havent really cooked from it much.

        1. re: alkapal

          I didn't reply before because I don't think my answer will be helpful - All of them! I am a big fan of lidia's books and use them all both for cooking and for fun reading. I don't think that you can go wrong with any of them.

          1. re: Fiona

            I love all of her books, but Lidia's Family Table is my absolute favorite.

            Also, I have a question. I make risotto the way she taught on her show (my daughter's comfort food now), but she did another episode where she began, "You learned how to make risotto, now you're going to unlearn it." She went on to explain how most home cooks don't have time to stand over the stove, and this recipe is not labor-intensive and she can't tell the difference, and then . . .

            My digital converter box scrambled everything. I live under the MSP flight route AND if the wind blows and . . . but that's a rant for another board and website.

            Can anybody please tell me what the recipe is, or in what book I can find it?

            1. re: miki

              This is from so long ago, but I am literally watching the episode on Hulu. The Episode is Lidia's Italy: Notto Risotto. There are three recipes and they seem to be all found in Lidia Cooks From the Heart of Italy.

              I think I will try the Traditional Rice & Chicken tonight.

              Hope this helps someone.

              Julia in Woodinville, WA

        2. While you wait for her books to arrive, I've made this bone-in pork shoulder roast from her website three times this winter - the pan sauce is AMAZING. As are the crispy bits on top. Fabulous. BTW, I never have porcini and this recipe is fantastic without them.

          1. LOL -- i never did use that alibris coupon. checked her books out from the library. doh!