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Jun 7, 2009 12:39 PM

Best Monmouth Co. Soft Shell crabs

It's time to introduce my young daughter to soft shell crabs. Any thoughts on where to take her for a quick local fix?

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  1. Seal - I'm not sure if you are looking for a seafood shack or a sit down restaurant. However, Drew has been serving one of the best preparations of soft shell crabs that I've had in a long time. His comes two jumbos to an order pan fried and topped with a caper brown butter sauce and over a mound of smashed potatoes.

    1. Rays in Little Silver has always done a good soft shell. You can have them fried or sauteed with white wine & garlic...

      1. What's Your Beef in Rumson has always had excellent soft shell crabs - fried or sauteed

        1. Charley's Ocean Grill in Long Branch had soft shells over linguine as a special the weekend before last. I don't remember the exact sauce, but it was excellent.

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            I thought they were only okay. Last year they were very good, served over linguine with cherry tomatoes. Same dish this year, but someone decided it was a good idea to dredge them in cornmeal instead of flour. Too bad, because the aggressive coating took away all the sweetness and subtlety of the softshells. I found them disappointing.

          2. Sallee Tee's typically has very good variations for their soft shell crab on their specials menu..