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Jun 7, 2009 12:36 PM

Now *THAT'S* an egg sandwich! The York in Highland Park

I often dine alone and seem to have fallen into a breakfast rut since I like old restaurants and I love counter seating. My stand by is the Tallyrand in Burbank, but I'll hit Frank's now and then. If I'm feeling "fancy" I'll brave a short wait at Millie's, but parking is so nasty, I often skip it.

This morning, I remembered that The York in Highland Park offers a brunch on weekends. I love the idea of being in a bar during the day, plus I have had some very good meals there. Good vibe, good music, good laid back crowd there too.

They open at 10:30AM on Sunday, I arrived around 11 and there were only a few people there. Ordering is done at the bar, menus are on the walls only. I felt bad watching new people come in, sit for 10 minutes, wonder where their "waiter" was, then finally get the run down from the bartenders. I guess this is how we learn.

Since I was at the bar already, i set up with a pear cider on tap and a cup of coffee. The coffee is fine, served in a tall clear glass mug, which I find endlessly amusing. I feel like I have to hold my pinky out to drink it. They offer only a few breakfast basics, a couple of specials, plus the full dinner menu. I decided on the croissant egg sandwich.

Oh lord, was this a great breakfast sandwich! The croissant was flaky and seemed fresh baked. It was possibly heated in an oven, definitely not microwaved, though. The eggs were over hard, but not TOO hard, the bacon was high quality but not TOO thick, and the cheese. Oh god the cheese. I don't remember now, I believe it's a mild-ish white cheddar. Melted to absolute perfect consistency, it mingled with the egg and draped over the bacon just so. A few pieces of arugula added just the tiniest kick to the creation. Comes with wedge potatoes, I ignored them for the most part, although they were fine.

this is the kind of breakfast sandwich I wake up craving and didn't know where to find. Now I know.

Sandwich, pear cider, cup of coffee came to $19 including tax. Smiths and then the Pixies on the cd player an added bonus.

Wow, I sure wrote a long post about a sandwich!

The York
5018 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

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  1. Thanks for that review. I'm a breakfast maven so I'll add "York" to my list. I hit "Little Dom's" and "Canele" for breakfast last weekend ... plan on "Jar" next. The "York" right after.

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    1. re: SilverlakeGirl

      oooh, I love Little Dom's for breakfast, but it has gotten crazy crowded in the last few months! Used to be able to walk right in! They do reservations through, a plus in my book. The bar is too small for my solo dining tendencies, though. Good spot for celeb spotting.

      1. re: annalulu

        I probably have eaten there about 15 times yet never for dinner. They poach eggs correctly. The boar's bacon is wonderful and the smashed breakfast potatoes with parsley, garlic and lemon is sublime.

        I go before it gets crowded. I'm used to rising at 4 AM during the week for work, so it's no problem to get up at 7 AM. :)

        1. re: SilverlakeGirl

          Little Dom's smashed breakfast potatoes are easily one of the best dishes in LA right now. Wow. Damn good. (everything there is good)

          1. re: Tom P

            Little Dom's Potatoes are very SIMILAR to this recipe by The Pioneer Woman. It gave me insight as to how the potatoes were cooked:


            1. re: SilverlakeGirl

              Hey, this is terrific, thanks much. Can't wait to try them.

      2. re: SilverlakeGirl

        We did Jar for brunch today, just got back. I had a special sandwich. Pesto, arugula, proscuitto and an egg on an open face bread, maybe ciabatta? It was awesome. DH had the Cobb salad, which looked great, and friend had the salmon with a bagel and cream cheese. The salmon tasted super fresh and maybe house smoked. Really delicious all around.