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Jun 7, 2009 12:15 PM

Best outdoor dining recommendations

Hello fellow Chowhound fans! I am a big fan of eating outdoors and haven't found the best of Boston yet. I have eaten at Union Bar in Newton, Captain Fishbones, Skyline and Siro's at Marina Bay, Fiore's Roofdeck in the North End and a few other places. Now that the nice weather is here where would you all recommend in and around the city?

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  1. This comes up a lot, and there is probably plenty of opinions in the archives.

    Boston is woefully lacking in al fresco dining, particularly if you don't include street-level tables in your list.

    Seven of my favorites:

    - Oleana's wonderful backyard is one of the most beautiful places I've eaten, anywhere

    - Dante's outdoor area has a beautiful view of the city, and unlike most other restaurants I believe they take reservations for it

    - Casa Romero has a small but quaint outdoor dining area, perfect for their strong margaritas

    - B&G Oysters' subterranean patio is wonderful, and a perfect match for a dozen oysters and glass of chablis

    - La Voile's patio, although street-level, is large and secluded enough I almost forget I am on Newbury St

    - Marliave now has an outdoor cafe, which I've seen but not yet enjoyed

    - Barking Crab is essentially a tent on the water; I love them for beer, lobster, and live music but other hounds dislike the place

    A few others to note:

    - Toro is one of my favorite spots in the city, but their outdoor seating is tables right on Washington St, so I always opt for indoors--although you can often snag an outdoor table when nothing is available inside (tells you something about eating outdoors)

    - Harvest has a nice patio, but I'm not a big fan of the place otherwise

    - Via Matta has a street-level patio, but I've never eaten on it

    - Charlie's Kitchen and Daedalus, two decent beer-focused bars both in Harvard Sq, have a back patio "beer garden" and roof deck, respectively

    - Brasserie Jo has outdoor seating, but again its just street-side tables (on Huntington Ave)

    - Parish Cafe has a large street-level patio on Bolyston St, I like them for their sandwiches

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      Sensing at Battery Wharf just added about 18 outdoor tables; many with a view of the harbor and USCG station.

      Keep in mind it's very pricey..but they're supposed to be doing some kind of happy hour bar snack menu.

      1. I liked the outdoor area at Red Fez in the South End, Oleana is great and Bella Luna just added a patio to their new space in the Brewery in JP that looks like it'll be really nice. Its nothing fancy or great food wise, but I love taking the T boat to Charlestown (from Central Wharf/Aquarium) and getting a drink and a burger at Tavern on the Water. You can use your monthly T pass on the inner harbor boats.

        134 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02139

        Tavern On the Water
        1 8th St # 6, Charlestown, MA

        Red Fez
        1222 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

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        1. re: hoolese

          oh, and I haven't been here but have been meaning to. Its a shabu shabu place that is supposed to have a nice patio. And its on the red line (North Quincy).

          397 Hancock St, Quincy, MA

        2. bouchee gets mixed reviews on here, but has a very nice patio, as does tapeo.

          the intercontinental has a really lovely patio on the water, where you can order apps from the rumba menu.

          blue room has an awesome patio.

          1. I can add Pazzo on Newbury to the mix

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              An update. Ate at Pazzo tonight and it was the best meal I've had in ages. I'm planning to start a separate thread. It was that good. We ate on the patio; a beautiful, warm, summer night --I can't remember the last time i a) ate on newbury street b) ate on newbury street and actually had a delicious meal.

              FWIW --we were planning to go to Dante but plans changed. They do not take reservations for their outside seating --at least that is what the reservationist told me when i called today --first come, first serve --like, i believe, the policy at most places.