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Jun 7, 2009 11:47 AM

Sky Bar in Wilton closed??

I just drove up Route 7 and noticed that the sign next to Soup Alley says "Leah's Grill" where it used to say "Sky Bar." Anyone know what the story is there?

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  1. Same owners, new name. From what I've heard - not much has changed.

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    1. re: amanda3571

      Amanda, did you grab a coupon for Osetra. Jfood knows you really like the place and this would have been a great deal for you.

      1. re: jfood

        Thank you, I did see but missed that great promotion. Will be back there soon for their DELICIOUS lobster rolls!

        1. re: amanda3571

          Amanda, have you eaten there recently? It seems as though they keep changing their "mission" it says "Oyster Bar & Fish House". We haven't been back since a mediocre meal in January. What has your experience been lately??

          1. re: sibeats

            I had a couple of nice meals there in April, before they changed it to the Oyster Bar & Fish House. I also find it odd that they keep changing their "mission" but I guess with the economy where it is, they're doing everything/anything to survive. I do think they are filling (or at least trying to) an empty niche in FFD County with the Oyster Bar. Since Ocean 211 closed, there hasn't really been a place to go and choose from a variety of oysters. The selection I saw online was much smaller than what 211 offered, but it's a good start.
            I applaud their efforts for trying to stay afloat in tough times, I'm sure it's not easy. Hopefully they just continue to crank out good food.