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Jun 7, 2009 11:44 AM

Strawberries in L.A.

Anyone have any tips for strawberries in a pot? I have them on my balcony that gets a lot of sun, especially late afternoon. I had them partially shaded but moved the pot to full sun, but I have no idea if that's the correct thing to do.

I bought the plant a couple months ago and so far have only harvested four fruits, and that includes the two already ripening when I bought it.

I actually have two specific care questions, also: should I clip off the stalks after they bear fruit? And how much should I water?

Thank you thank you thank you....I'm new to this!

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  1. So sorry you didn't get a more knowledgeable response but I'll offer what I know to bump it up.

    Strawberries want lots of sun and lots of regular moisture. A pot can be a good way to grow them but in LA you have to be careful that I won't dry up and fry everything in a single hot day.

    When I tried to grow them in a pot, I had a drainage pipe filled with sand down the center and soil around that out to the planting pockets. This setup is pretty heavy (with or without the column of sand) so I'd put it on a wheeled trolley so you can roll it into shade if you'll be away for a day or two.

    Most growers cut the trailing babies off for the first year to get more fruit. Of course they replant every year too. You may only want to plant this once so, where you can, put out smaller pots to root the babies and you can use them to refresh as needed.

    A pot is a good way to go if you have limited space. Remember to water it daily and even a second time if needed (if needed being the critical phrase). And I think you'll have fewer pest probs in a pot. Mine are in the ground and the plants are flourishing but I never get a berry that hasn't seen an earwig or a rollypolly or a slug first! =o

    PS I notice I neglected the question about the stalks. I just cut whatever part frees the berry.

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      Thank you! Looks like I've been severely underwatering them, then...I'll step it up!

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        Remember, you don't want wet soil. You just don't want it to dry out.