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baked goods that go well with beer?

I'm going to be setting up a bake sale at a local arts 'street festival.' I need to bake things that look good, travel well, and go well with beer! I was thinking brownies, some cookies, and maybe a savoury pretzel or scone. Any good ideas? Cheap and easy and maybe even freezable are key!

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    1. Check out this recent topic about savory quick breads. They could be made in the small foil loaf pans. Wrapped properly, they freeze well. Some tasty ideas here.


        1. that's sort of like asking what foods go best with wine without specifying the grape or varietal. are there going to be multiple beers? the same dessert won't necessarily pair as well with a pale ale as it will with an oatmeal stout.

          anyway, without knowing more, any of these should work:
          - soft pretzels
          - brownies (chocolate & dark beer are a terrific match)
          - blondies (the butterscotch/caramel notes go nicely with lighter beers)
          - gingerbread or carrot cake (maybe do them as cupcakes?)
          - pound cake
          - red velvet cupcakes

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            To be honest, to go with many kinds of beer. Basically, there is a street near me in London that has open art galleries late one Thursday a month. During the summer, it becomes an excuse for a certain set to come hang out, see some art, but mainly congregate with cans of beer on the street. I'm trying to be entrepreneurial. At the most recent one, a hippy was making some vaguely Indian/south east asian salad that he served in a cornet made from junk mail. Other people bbq and sell burgers. This is england, where drinking before dinner is a not uncommon phenomenon, and I would like to tap into drunken impulse purchasing. Ideally, I'd like to keep it super simple. One or two things that are basically indestructible; I'll be taking them on the bus before hand.

          2. Taralli are my favorite snacks to eat with beer. They are like crunchy, little golden pretzels with fennel, red pepper, or black pepper. My favorite is fennel. When I get to NJ to visit my husband's family I come back with bags of them.


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              If I make these, I'll keep them all for myself! Where in NJ do you get them?

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                My FIL always takes us to Mulberry Street in Brick, NJ. They have bags of them in large circles, but you can also buy them in a smaller shape that resembles those magnetic ribbons that people like to put on the back of their cars. I like the big circles because they are really crunchy, but the little ones are awesome with small segments of smoked fresh mozzerella.

                Here's the website - I've never seen the taralli on the website - maybe they aren't considered "gourmet" enough:

                Salami.com also has the little ones:

                Oh, and if you ask someone in NJ about them, they are pronounced "tah-rells", with a slight roll on the "r."

              2. I lean toward beer with cheese dishes, so:

                Mini-pizzas or calzones, cheese of course!

                Bite size corn bread muffins or sticks with cheddar and jalapenos

                Mini cheese quesadillas made with cocktail size corn tortillas

                Hush puppies with cortn and cheese

                Tamales and/or taquitos (flautas)

                Small bags of cheese/chili/garlic popcorn

                Churros, spicy with chilis go good with beer

                Whatever turns you on! I'm still trying to wrap my mind around beer and brownies. Never occurred to me before this thread. Oh, wait a minute! Are you guys talking about Alice B. Toklas brownies? I knew kids in college who had those with beer! But not me. Beer gives me a violent headache, but I do love bock beer with cheese pizza! '-)

                1. Mini beer bongs made out of pastillage,
                  and pigs in blankets. ;)

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                    Pastillage beer bongs would be a hit I think - what a great concept.

                  2. guinness cupcakes or a dark chocolate cupcake

                    chocolate coated pretzel rods rolled in chopped peanuts
                    honey mustard peanuts or a trail mix type nut mix

                    cheese twists or crackers or breadsticks are cheap and easy

                    ny mag did a feature on bar snacks. you might find inspiration here bc some are cheap and easy: http://nymag.com/nightlife/wheretodri...

                    1. I think something salty goes with a refreshing beer (maybe more so than something sweet.) So, how about something like salted nut rolls. Nuts would be a more expensive than some things, but maybe not so much if you use salted nut rolls.

                      And Ohio buckeye candies made with peanut butter. (I suggest this only because I have had this on my brain lately and asked about it on another thread and got lots of good feedback. They would definitely be unusual and pretty. And I think could go well with beer.

                      1. Pogasca...the venerable Hungarian 'crackling' biscuit.
                        There are a handful of things in the world that seem like they are made to go with a glass of beer, and this is one of those things that are near the top of the list. So simple, yet if made properly, so incredible.
                        The potato variety is also a pretty good match up, but to me, the classic 'Tepertos Pogacsa' is king.