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Jun 7, 2009 10:28 AM

sea saw's farewell omakase (scottsdale)

last nite a friend and i went to sea sea saw's goodbye weekend. holy moly!!! saw ccccl111 (is that the right number of c's?) and i am jack's brain and both of their wives. we were all standing at the bar and oooohing and ahhhing at all of the fabulous things - luscious tomatoes with fressh mozz and shaved grilled octapus. mushrooms steamed in parchment with noodles that was to die for. pork on rice buns. soft shell crab sandwhiches. and wave after wave after wave of amazing fresh fish, too many to name. and all for 35 bucks. we had processeco at 8 bucks a glass.

it was bittersweet. the food was amazing, the quality sublime. the whole point was to clear out the food because sea saw closes tonite. i'm so sorry that sea saw wasn't able to make it. i am happy chef nobuo is looking at a new venture in central, and dare i say it, downtown phoenix. that makes me happy. but its never a proud moment when such a landmark closes. its obvious chef loves what he does, and its clear that he has major skills.

i was glad i was able to enjoy his send off, and i look forward to his new place. but i am giving them a moment of silence this afternoon. farewell, sea saw. we hardly knew you.

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  1. Sounds fun. Are they doing this again tonight, or was it Friday and Saturday?

    Also, when you say "wasn't able to make it," I thought the closure was by choice? or were there external factors that forced the closure?? Just curious...

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      It's today also, 6:30, $35 pp. Info here:

      I was hoping to go to Sea Saw before heading over to the Mixology Top Bar Chef competition at Canal tonight, but E would rather watch the NBA Championships, go figure.

      On Chow Bella, Chef Fukuda mentions that Sea Saw didn't close because of the economy, but because of his new project.

      It's Official: Sea Saw is Closing

      1. re: Rubee

        Thanks, maybe I'll try to make it there tonight.

        Last weekend I was walking to Kaz and noticed a nearby "direction" sign still listing Shell Shock. I haven't heard mention of Shell Shock since it was delayed due to economic reasons. Anyone know what the deal is? Did they completely scrap that idea (out-of-date signage), or is there still a bit of hope that it may come back at some point? (I'd ask the same for Mexican Standoff, but that's for another time, and place...)

    2. I *wish* I had someone to go to with this. My fabulous 20-something friends prefer Ra and Stingray. And obviously on a Sunday night we'd be at Furio, anyway. But we don't eat. The lime in my vodka soda has enough calories to sustain me for a week.