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Jun 7, 2009 10:24 AM

Long Beach Aquarium area recs?

Hello 'hounds!

Looking for a chow-worthy place for dinner in the general area of the Long Beach Aquarium. Price is not an issue. We don't drink, so alcohol is not a consideration as well. As far as preferences go, we like pretty much everything except Indian food. This is for a birthday dinner. Thanks for any tips!

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  1. We recently went to the Long Beach Aquarium and then headed over to Musha for some outstanding Japanese fare, including charcoal grilled stuff. Everything we ate was incredible.

    Ebi Mayo (v rich); Pork Belly; Risotto (served tableside from a huge hunk of cheese) etc

    1725 W. Carson, Torrance NW cnr of Carson and Western
    310 787 7344

    Sunday -- 6pm-10.30pm

    The house cold sake was excellent, too.

    1. I've heard good things about At Last Cafe. Well executed homey food at great prices, haven't been there yet.

      1. Last time we went to the Aquarium we ate at Open Sesame. It was delicious, nice atmosphere, and friendly service.

        Open Sesame
        5215 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803

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          Open Sesame is our usual spot when we eat in Belmont. My only complaint is that seating can be screwy now that they have two locations in the area and they are still incredibly busy.

          La Creperie is also in Belmont Shore and they serve up some tasty savory crepes. I recommend the Al Mare if you like seafood.

          La Creperie Cafe
          4911 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803

        2. Would definitely recommend Tracht's which is w/in walking distance from the Aquarium -- at the corner of Pine and Ocean. Suzanne Tracht's (Jar, Suzpree) place. Really solid food. Insane double-cut cha siu baau-style pork chop, duck fried rice and her famous chocolate pudding.

          1. this is going to sound really weird, but once last year it was really late and i had the barbecued shrimp at bubba gumps and it was pretty darned good. unfortunately, that whole Pike neighborhood is pretty much given over to chains ... pf chang, gladstone's, cpk, etc. if you go up the hill (quite a hill, actually), dining is a little better, but i'm not sure whether tracht's fits the bill as "chow-worthy" since it's essentially fine-dining (figure probably $40 to $50 per person). if price isn't a concern, then by all means it's a great place. More in keeping with the spirit of an aquarium visit (and at a slightly lower price point) would be King's fish house. Order simply and you'll eat pretty well at probably $30 to $35 per person. If you go to Belmont, Open Sesame is good, but I still prefer Sunnin, which is practically across the street. Another good option would be either No. 9 Noodle or Lola's on Fourth Street, in Retro Row (especially if you like mid-century modern furniture). Musha's and that whole Torrance-Gardena area have terrific food, but I'm afraid the only people who would call it Aquarium-adjacent must be coming from the Valley ... it's a good 30 minutes at least away from Long Beach.

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              Within that glut of chain restaurants at the Pike is Auld Dubliner pub, which I would gladly enjoy over the Yard House. Nice place to relax with some fish n' chips and a pint of Guinness.

              Agreed on Musha. I love the place, it's a few minutes from home, but it's not very close to Long Beach.

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                *sheepishly comes forward...* There are certain cravings... that a person has... that can only be quenched by having a bucket of 'boat trash'. Just Sayin'... ;DD

                And while Sunnin has an overall better menu, the Kibis at Open Sesame are the best anywhere... and I know my Kibbehs... :)

                When we went to the aquarium last year with friends with young children. One of them with allergies of all types. As the ring leaders, we told them to meet us at Pho America and to trust us. It was a huge hit because their place is casual, but kept up nice with plenty of parking, their menu was broad and approachable. The Pho was also rather tasty too! :)


                Living in Long Beach, I would happily drive to Westminster for KILLER Pho... but for Aquarium meetings, I am glad to have this option. :)