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Jun 7, 2009 10:08 AM

Near Great Falls?

In a few weeks I'll have the rare opportunity to have a set of wheels at my disposal for a week in DC, and so I'm doing things that are difficult or impossible using public transportation. One such adventure is a trip to Great Falls, to do some walking and communing with nature. Are there any stand-out recommendations for a casual lunch or dinner near Great Falls, or between DC and Great Falls? We'll be dressed for the outdoors, so it can't be anyplace fancy. We love all kinds of ethnic food and local dives. We'd also prefer places that we wouldn't be able to do using metro, to take full advantage of our independence and auto freedom! THANKS.

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  1. The Old Brogue - cozy Irish pub with good food and live music most evenings. Ironically, they have my favorite nachos in the area. Other standouts are fish and chips, shepard pie and anything on their brunch menu.

    Mediterannee - A small, comfortable french bistro. No dress code. One of our favorite local go-to places. Extensive, creative menu and friendly service.

    AVOID the Serbian Crown across the street from Mediterranee.

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      Thanks, Meg. Still eager to hear of other options, but both of your recs sound good!

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        There's nothing wrong with going to Serbian Crown for a shot of Vodka and smoked fish. They also do a decent job with wild games. They even have a musician some times (an accordian player, IIRC).

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          i've never been, but thought serbian crown would have a dress code tending toward the dressy.

        2. hounds, what's that place near the clock tower in herndon -- that's always favorably reviewed on these boards? is it jimmy's old-town tavern?:
          but that's not near the clock tower. hmmmmm.

          for excellent indian, i'd go to mayuri for a lunch buffet, in herndon also.

          or drive to vienna and go to rose's restaurant for persian kabobs.

          great falls proper isn't a gourmand's delight.

          1. Then there is The Tavern at great falls- decent food, not fine dining by any means but decent.

            1. Which side of Great Falls are you planning on going to? Big difference in whether people can recommend MD or VA places to eat...

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                Fair point...we haven't decided as we thought that perhaps the presence of a particularly good chow find might persuade us to consider one side over the other. We're flexible, really.

              2. A few months ago we were in that area looking for a cheap, inexpensive lunch. We went to Deli Italiano (near Old Brogue). It was an Italian place serving pizza, heros, etc. We ordered a veggie sandwich and thought it was really good. Portion sizes were large enough to share.