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Jun 7, 2009 08:13 AM

New in town...and hungry

Hi all, Just moved to Boston (beacon hill area) from NYC and trying to make myself a list of places to try. Haven't used Chowhound before, but being in a new city, it might help me narrow down some of my picks, and sift out any duds. So far I'm looking to try Toro, No. 9 Park(ate here once when I was in town), Drink, B&G oyster, Butcher Shop, Neptune Oyster, Oya, Eastern Standard, and Hammersleys Bistro. What is a cab fare to cambridge run? Craigie(sp) on main and Hungry Mother also make my list so far. Which of these places should I skip, if any, and what places am I missing that I should get to asap. Thanks for any advice in advance.

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  1. Welcome! If you're in Beacon Hill (and if you don't have a situation that precludes it) I would save the cab fare and take the T to Central Square (it's also a half hour walk), where you could try Craigie on Main (which I still haven't tried, shamefully, but is supposed to be wonderful). Also in Central Square, I enjoy going to Central Kitchen on Mass Ave, where they have wonderful Moules Frites - an appetizer that is fulfilling enough to eat as a main.

    Further up on Mass Ave is The Garden, wonderful upscale-ish dining upstairs, and amazing pub fare (that most normal restaurants would blush in the presence of) in the bar downstairs. Upstairs or down, make sure you try the rosemary truffle fries. Oh my, yes.

    Hammersley's was very good last time I was there (it has been a number of years). The food was good, but the real forte was their pairing of wine to food. Don't know if that's still the case.

    Close to your new home is Panificio on Charles Street. Excellent breakfasts and dinners (I haven't had lunch there, but would expect it would be a nice choice). Not much ambiance, but friendly service and good eating.

    Beyond that, not sure what to advise. Do you have a particular cuisine you gravitate towards? For a typical meal out, how budget-conscious are you?

    Hope you enjoy Boston!

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      Here's a thread from two years ago that sounds familiar.

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        Welcome to Boston :)

        Another restaurant to try in Central Sq is Rendevous. I ate there with my girlfriends for Valentine's dinner and we went back the day after. It was that good!

        Also on Charles Street, Figs is great for a nice causal meal.


      2. That's a good list for starters. Before adding any, are you mainly interested in upscale places? Will you be dining alone, and therefore want restaurants with bars?

        1. Cab fair to cambridge from your area is going to vary by where in Cambridge you go- Dante for instance is just over the river- so the fair is minimal. Kendall Square area (Hungary Mother) is just beyond- actually very walkable- and again not a bad ride- however if you push out past Harvard Square (+/- $15) to Porter/Davis Square you'll be a bit above $20.
          Beacon Hill is extremely T accessible, and honestly it is really easy to walk basically anywhere-though some may disagree with me on that one.

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            No disagreement here.

            I'd suggest walking anywhere and everywhere in this city, and I'd certainly not suggest taking a cab somewhere along the redline when you are, being in Beacon Hill, already on it.

            Dante is literally just on the other side of the river from you, RTM. Hungry Mother isn't much further. Harvard Square is a bit of walk--but a nice one on a pretty day--but just a short 3-stop ride on the redline (head outboard toward Alewife, get off at Harvard). And Craigie on Main is one stop sooner, at the Central Sq stop.

          2. Consider using the T to get to Cambridge. The red line runs through Harvard Sq, Central Sq, Porter Sq, Davis Sq.