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Jun 7, 2009 07:36 AM

What is your "go to" place for a casual dinner on Bayview south of Eglinton? there is a whole bunch of places on "the strip"...Kama Sutra for Indian, Satay on the Road, side by side sushi joints, Riz, Asian Bowl, Duffs, the dreaded Hwy 61, Originals etc. etc. I know you can't compare them as they are pretty much all serving different menus, but, if you wanted a reliable place with good (doesn't have to be great) food which one would you consistently choose?

I live in the area and stroll in the other direction to Marvellous Edibles and Mikado on Laird Dr. sometimes but I'm often stymied when someone says "let's go over to Bayview for dinner"...where to go and not be totally disappointed???

Went to one of the sushi places last night (not Fukui) and really wan't impressed with the food...where should we have gone?

Would love your suggestions as the nice "strolling" weather seems to finally be here...


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  1. Fukui for take out (don't really like eating there)... KamaSutra from 'last minute' ... Original's for frosty drinkies.... :)

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      Thanks for your input Kawarthagirl...


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        I'm drawing a blank other than Amaya (which I've only been to once, but quite enjoyed). I've also been to Kama Sutra once, and found it good but not exciting -- quite reasonable, though.