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Jun 7, 2009 07:11 AM

Fulton Market Burgers - Any Good?!

Saw this outfit featured in 'York Region Dining'. They claim to use prime beef in their burgers. All burgers are made to order with myriads of gourmet toppings. How's the quality and taste? Another Heroes burger clone or better?!

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  1. They are offering a prime rib burger, and a sirloin burger. That means pricey, with the additions they want to sell.

    My only question is whether they will grill a burger to medium rare. If they will, I'll pay the price.

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        1. re: Googs

          I wouldn't recommend it! Overpriced and not even that tasty.

          1. re: callitasicit

            That much was clear. The chain ownership sealed the (lack of) deal.

          2. re: Googs

            Thanks Googs! Totally forgot about the 'search' option! Guess I'll give it a try before going home to watch the NBA finals. Looks like opinion is 50/50! Worse come to worse, if its below expectation, I'll just won't return!

          3. Ok so after reading this topic this morning, I decided to try this place, going in with very low expectations (my friend went here once, and now refuses to even go into this plaza because how bad his memory of this place was)

            First impression, terrible ordering system. you have to fill out your order on a bag, then go talk to the lady at the counter, then your order is finally placed.

            2nd, the fries and burgers both come frozen, I saw them take them both out of the freezer.
            pics here

            the burgers (prime rib beef from alberta) are very similar to any store bought (higher priced) frozen patties. they are cooked on a converbelt belt broiler (with exposed flames at least). So don't expect to get your burger cooked to order on a grill.

            What I got.
            Signature Burger: Smoked Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Strip Bacon, Pickle Slaw, Fulton Signature Sauce
            the bun was tasty, it was their 'all dressed' bun (onion bun from any other bakery) that was soft and eggy, tasty (might have been the best part of the meal). The fulton sauce is just mac sauce, cheese was decent, pickle slaw was also tasty (but made the bottom part of the bun soggy). Bacon was crispy but as I saw cooked in the microwave (nothing wrong with that, cause Belly Busters is might tasty). Side note grilled onions are also cooked via micro... the burger patty, was big, moist, and salty. nice flavour. but nothing special. tasted like the frozen patties your friends buys and cooks up on the BBQ when your watching the game? fries where awful...

            I wouldn't personally spend $10+ on a burger from here again, don't plan on going back. but the line was big, and most of the customers seemed to have enjoyed their meals...

            PS i know the pics might be misleading :P it was a decent burger, but I would go to craft burger, terra burger, burger shack and even goldenstar before dropping $7 on a burger

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            1. re: flying101

              Exactly what I would've expected.


              1. re: flying101

                The patty doesn't look very good. Looks similar to the South St. Burger Co. , another major dud.

                1. re: grandgourmand

                  I think south st burger uses fresh ground beef for their burgers?
                  the best way to describe this 'over processed'
                  here is another pic I took that I didn't upload because I found it to unappealing

                  the closest chain burger I could compare this burger to, is the burger they serve at Swiss chalet... had one years ago and this is a very similar taste...

                  1. re: flying101

                    Oh my charge premium prices for that is despicable. It looks like a PC frozen burger because of those little dimples. those are fine, for what they are.

                    I hate the name too. It sounds so manufactured, like their burgers, apparently.

                  2. re: grandgourmand

                    finally another person that doesn't like South St.

                    the amount of fans that like it is mind boggling to me... i hate the place

                    1. re: duckdown

                      I think South St. has been universally panned on this board, no?
                      I find Hero, South St. and Licks pretty much all taste the same, dry and crappy.

                      1. re: grandgourmand

                        I didn't think so... there were always a surprising amount of people that liked South St. from what I can remember... South St. and Hero are equally bad, with Lick's maybe slightly better than both. All 3 are not places I visit...

                      2. re: duckdown

                        I've never liked SS. These burger factories are about making money. Not burgers.

                        Why does no one want to do a burger on a flat top anymore??


                        1. re: Davwud

                          Can you even make an edible extra lean burger on a flat top?

                          1. re: Davwud

                            I hear ya... surprisingly though. to answer your fresh-ground burger on a flat-top question; this appears to be the way they're doing it at Stockyards BBQ... I only went to Stockyards the one time, but they were selling loads of burgers that start off as a huge meatball on the flat top then they squish it to form a patty.. they looked awfully popular so that's what I'm trying next time


                            1. re: duckdown

                              Now that's what I'm looking for.


                          2. re: duckdown

                            Some people have liked South St, but the majority view (including mine) has been quite negative. Personally, I'd rate South St ahead of Hero, but that's faint praise.

                            If South St had more fat in their burgers, formed them a bit thicker (they are actually a decent weight),and kept their written commitment to serve them still pink, they might be quite good. As served to me (I've been there there quite a few times between group decisions and sheer convenience), they were made from fresh meat, but were extremely dry and cooked to gray.

                            I always felt guilty about holding up the people behind, but - eventually - I protested. A manager had to intervene and personally cook my burger to get it served at their stated temperature but still pink. It turned out to be possible and the resulting burger was better. However, it was still extremely dry.

                            The amount of grilling skill and personal attention needed to turn out a pink burger at 160 is way beyond a reasonable expectation for a fast food place. It's really beyond a reasonable expectation for ANY place. I pushed it only because of their sign, which said (more or less) our burgers are served pink - tell us if you want your burger cooked well done. Since the pink burger was still extremely dry, what's the point?

                            A judicious selection of decent free condiments can turn a South St burger into a tasty sandwich, but this is simply covering up the deficiencies of the burger itself. A great burger doesn't NEED the condiments to taste good.

                            South St does have okay fresh cut fries, though they didn't seem as good as the New York Fries which are supposedly exactly the same. Perhaps this is a location variation.

                            Their onion rings are freshly house made and a good attempt, though there's something in the coating that I didn't particularly like. The shakes were excellent.

                            I'd give South St a C- overall and a D for the burgers. I'd rate Hero an F overall. Let's not hijack this thread. It's just my opinion and (I seem to be saying this a lot today) YMMV.

                            Of course, I'm old enough to remember geting Harvey's basic burgers (they always had filler) cooked to char broiled crispy, which is the one way I can enjoy a burger cooked beyond medium rare. They also had marvellous fresh cut fries and cooked them to order.

                            I also remember when Licks was a true destination, but let's not go there.

                            1. re: embee

                              I'm tellin ya, I remember quite a few people saying that South St. was their burger of choice for the chain restauraunts... and I was always the one to write "no way" hehe

                              I've never had a juicy burger from there, nor one with any pink.. It's always grey and very very dry and BLAND most of all... Like there is no flavor there.. not even a charred flavor from the grill; it's just like soggy dry meat...

                              the onion rings are "weird"... Red onions and the batter has rosemary in it... too savory for me

                              as bad as lick's is, i would choose it above hero or south st. still...

                              1. re: duckdown

                                I know someone who works at one, and said the burgers were good. I tried one, it was certainly pink in the middle, but, as embee notes, dry and bland. After a bunch of toppings and condiments it tasted okay. It was better than the burgers I've "experienced" at Hero.

                                If I had to eat a fast food burger, it would probably be at Wendy's or a McDonald's double cheeseburger.

                        2. I tried Fulton Market a few weeks ago. I had a prime burger on ciabatta with blue cheese sauce. It was a tasty burger. The sweet potato fries and onion rings were average. I would have to agree that it is not really worth the price. However if you suddenly find your self craving a "PC frozen burger" with a wide variety of unusual toppings then Fulton fits the bill. Sure I could go home and grill my own burger, but corn relish, avocados, and garlic mayo may not always be in my fridge.

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                          1. re: sweetie

                            In another thread on Fulton Street, I made the comment that they tasted like one of the premium PC frozen burgers - which isn't bad for was it is. I just don't want to spend $10 for a burger I can easily make at home, particularly when $10 will buy me a box of those patties.

                            1. re: sweetie

                              Get some Neal Brothers corn relish and a bottle of Lick's Spicy Guk sauce at your local Metro. (The Guk sauce lasts forever in the fridge.) Do they serve real sliced avocado? If it's guac, I'll bet it comes directly from a foodservice container, and from your supermarket freezer as well.

                              I'm not knocking a place I've never been to, and it may very well be fine if one happens to be walking by. However, this doesn't look like my idea of destination "gourmet" food.

                              1. re: embee

                                I agree wholeheartedly that Fulton is not gourmet food. But I will say it again, if you are not in the mood to fire up the grill and you do not mind paying a premium for a burger that could have cost you a lot less, then you could do worse then Fulton. I know people who like to eat but really hate to cook, so for them Fulton might be an option.
                                BTW I have no beef with PC products, I quite like some of the burgers.

                                1. re: sweetie

                                  PC sirloin burger with some good steak seasoning on it will make a pretty servicable burger when you can't make home made.