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Jun 7, 2009 06:19 AM

Asheville - help us cut one from our list

We will be spending four nights in Asheville and are looking forward to four nice dinners. We have narrowed our list to five restaurants. Believe me, it was an ordeal getting it down to five.

But we still have to throw one over the side. So which will it be: Corner Kitchen, Nova, Rezaz, Table, or Zambra?

Any thoughts on which one does not belong on the list?

You may be tempted to suggest alternatives, and we will try to be open minded, but we are really trying to make the list shorter, not longer. Thanks!

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  1. My vote would be to take off Corner Kitchen. The others are just too good.

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    1. re: McChow

      I really enjoy Corner Kitchen, but totally agreed - that's the one I'd ditch.

    2. I agree, Corner Kitchen is very good but does not fit that list

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      1. re: Spreadhead

        Agreed. Have lunch at the Corner Kitchen instead.

      2. Agree with the rest. Corner Kitchen is also great for breakfast.

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        1. re: LifeisGood58

          Such unanimity is so unusual for Chowhound! I'm speechless!

          Anyway, thank you. I promise a full report...

          1. re: MercerChow

            Not trying to make things more difficult, but I'd also think about Fig over Rezaz or maybe Table. There are mixed reviews about Table on this board (I've not been, so it's probably not even fair for me to suggest this) and while I think Rezaz is very, very good, to me Fig is a "wow" dinner - excellent. I always thought the menu looked a little boring so I put off going there for a long time and now it's our favorite special occasion meal in town. Both are located in Biltmore Village.

            Sorry...had to do it!!! I am've got some great meals ahead of you!

            1. re: miss piggy

              I was not impressed with corner kitchen but I would have to say stay away from Zambras. We had a terrible meal there recently, rubbery frozen "contessa" shrimp, hockey puck omlette, and horrible misuse of clove.

              1. re: chizow

                I have eaten at Zambra several times, and have always had excellent experiences. I'm sorry to hear that yours was less than stellar.

                To the OP, in addition to defitely keeping Zambra on your list, I'd also put in a vote for definitely keeping Table. I have only been there once, but loved it and thought it was wonderful.

        2. I'd drop Zambra and keep CK or I'd add Admiral in W. Asheville ...been hearing great things about Admiral lately. Have been to Nova several times lately and impressed every time. Have done well at Table and Ck consistently...haven't been to Rezaz's in a while. Haven't been to Fig in a while but it always impressed me when we did go.

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          1. re: leahinsc

            Went to the Admiral this weekend. It was superb!!!!

            1. re: LifeisGood58

              Definitely consider adding the Admiral. We went a couple weeks ago and it was wonderful--drinks, food--great!

          2. knew you wouldn't get unanimity for long ;-)

            I must also vote against Corner Kitchen, I've only been there once and I didn't taste anything that made me want to give it another try.

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            1. re: danna

              You've made some good choices. I, too, would eliminate Corner Kitchen--the food is good, but nothing special. Keep Table on your list--I've been there quite a few times--every meal has been terrific--they change their menu frequently. I've never been crazy about Zambras--to me, the dishes sound better than they taste.