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'Pick Your Own' Berry Farms

Where can I find Pick Your Own farms with fresh blueberries or strawberries? I'm looking something within easy driving of D.C. (under 1 hour). Organic/no spray or low spray would be great, but isn't necessary.

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  1. Larriland Farms in Woodbine. It might be at the one-hour limit depending on where you live, but it is absolutely terrific. Professionally run, but family run. So it is very personal, but there is a clear Web site that tells you what is available today and clear signs to get to the right fields, etc. Plus, great fruit.


    Larriland Farm
    2415 Woodbine Rd, Woodbine, MD

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      I second (or really third) the vote for Larriland. They have blueberries, blackberries,
      I think 3 different types of raspberries plus so many other things. Professionally
      run as you said, HowChowBlog, but still has a family-run feel. Very nice and
      peaceful. Easy to get to off I-70.

    2. I googled Pick your own farms dc area and found this which looks pretty extensive: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&...

      I went to Homestead last week for strawberries and it wasn't great (maybe a bad day). Blueberries aren't quite in yet, but I'll go to Butlers for them. Have fun!

      1. www.pickyourown.org

        Bad year for strawberries. Homestead Farm in Montgomery County has probably the best operation - always a good supply, but this year the quality is down. Moutoux Orchards in Loudon has strawberries. They are known mostly for their peaches (not pick your own) and sour cherries (they will be ready in a couple of years after having relocated). Many places that regularly have strawberries are already out for the season. Blueberries are mid to late summer. Always call first.


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          too much rain - even the strawberries at the farmers market are poor.

        2. I've been to both Larriland and Homestead, and I prefer Larriland. The fields are neater and the picking easier.

          1. Went to Butler's this week. Strawberries were small but tasty. It is still a bit early for blueberries, but they did have white peaches.

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              I like Butlers for blueberries, but it's true that they don't come in until the hot weather's here. That said, my sense is that Larriland is more committed to IPM ("low spray").

            2. We always like the fruit and the vibe at the Westmoreland Berry Farm in Oak Grove, Va. But, it's more than an hour's drive (maybe 75 minutes from Alexandria). It's nice to combine with a day trip to Fredericksburg.


              1. Belvedere Plantation in Fredricksburg:

                I've been getting their emails about pick-your-own strawberries.Just checked their site and their season is already over. Perhaps for next year... http://www.belvedereplantation.com/be...

                1. I went to Larriland Farms in Maryland this past Fall to go apple picking. When doing my research I read that they grow berries as well.

                  The farms were great! The staff was very helpful and the layout of the farm in beautiful. There are even nice areas where you can bring a picnic (I personally brought a nice lunch and just sat out in the orchards and ate. It was a lot of fun!).

                  I don't think its more then 1 hour away.

                  1. butlers in Germantown
                    there also is a blueberry place on route 108 in olney just east of the olney ale house

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                      BLUEBERRY FARMS on 108 just east of New Hampshire Ave has not yet put out their "Berrys Available" sign.

                      This is a wonderful spot for Blueberries once the weather is right. A much smaller operation than all the others listed above, but for truly ripe& plump berries in season, they can not be beat.

                      I drive by them 2 to 4 time daily. I'll report back as soon as the "Berries available" sign goes up.

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                        I live in Ellicott City. Is the one you're referring to on 108 the closest picking farm to me? Because I have a 4 year old. It's not worth a long drive. lol.

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                          Depending on where in Ellicott City you are, Larriland might only be 20 minutes from you.

                          70 West to Exit 73, Rte 94 South. About 3 miles to the farm.

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                            I went to Larriland 2 weeks ago. What a beautiful farm!!
                            The fruit was slim pickings though. I'm not very particular either. I had never picked my own fruit before so my 4 year old and I were doing it for the fun of it. Unfortunatly it was more like an Easter egg hunt. lol. We tried red rasberries and there were so few!! We were heading to pick the purple rasberries when a lady coming from there told us not to even bother. lol.
                            They had lots of tart cherries on the trees but we wanted the sweeter stuff. My friend picked some anyway because she just wanted to pick SOMETHING! It turned out that they were sweeter than our couple of rasberries! lol.
                            I know it sounds like I am complaining. It may be just an off week or something. It was still fun. We pet some farm animals and purchased some local honey, jams and sassofrass (i think thats how you spell it). All in all, I would go back. However if you are going for the fruit, call ahead to make sure there's something to pick. :)

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                              Definitely just an off week. We picked last weekend, and there was an endless supply of peaches and blackberries. That morning, the Web site described both as "good." This morning, the Web site says that peaches are excellent and blackberries are fair. They also say there is a field of raspberries starting to ripen.

                              The Web site: http://www.pickyourown.com/harvest.html

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                                They also have a hotline that is updated each day with what is available.

                                I love Larriland Farms. It fulfills my fantasy of what a farm should be. I look forward to returning in the fall (I'm more of an apple girl then a berry girl).

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                            Perhaps it is the closest, but they only offer Blueberries. Larriland is about 1/2 hour farther away, but they do offer a far wider selection of fruits and especially entertainment fun for the little ones. If an outing to entertain your 4 YO is the primary objective, pick Larry. If you simply want great Blueberries, watch this thread for updates on availability and choose the much closer spot on 108.

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                              I live in Ellicott City, too, and DanielK is right - it's at most a 20 min drive. VERY kid friendly. I am pretty sure strawberries are done for the season, I think they are done by the end of June. Plenty of time left for all 3 types of raspberries and blueberries though. I have driven by that one on rt. 108, almost the same amount of time as
                              driving to Larriland. I just think you'd like Larriland better.

                        2. Blueberry Farms on 108 is (was?) open today for the first time. Their web site said the 18th would be the fisrt day, but I guess the finally dry weather for 2 days prompted them to open up early. There seemed to be quite a crowd each time I drove by, but I was to busy working my own yard today to stop in. Perhaps tomorrow.

                          1. Does anyone know where a there is a good place to pick mulberrys?

                            1. Strawberries are done, done, done.