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Jun 6, 2009 11:34 PM

Healthy in Chelsea

I'll be visiting New York and staying in Chelsea, and am looking for healthy meal options, particularly for lunch. By healthy, I mean relatively low-cal without tons of hidden calories (you know the stuff that sounds healthy, but turns out to have 700 calories per serving).

Middle Eastern would be great, but really open to anything, so long as it will keep me on track diet wise.

And if you suggest I get take-out at Whole Foods, I will be very skeptical because another criteria is that the food actually have some taste. The takeout food at Whole Foods in Los Angeles is horrid, and I have a hard time believing that somehow the offerings on the East Coast are in a different universe.

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  1. Uncle Nick's, on the corner of 8th Av. & 29th St. - Greek

    The John Dory, on 10th Av., b/t 15th & 16th Sts. - Seafood

    ETA: I'm a firm believer that one can eat healthfully in just about any restaurant. It's a matter of choosing wisely and exercising portion control.

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    1. re: RGR

      Hey, thanks. Nick's seems like just the ticket. Very close to where I am staying and the menu looks like it has some healthy choices. My goodness, you can even order a side of dandelion greens!

      1. re: omotosando

        Perhaps Uncle Nick's has gone downhill. I went today and it was awful. Country salad - ice cold, poor quality lettuce, with ice cold poor quality tomatoes, some cucumbers and a mediocre olive oil. Chicken kabob - huge chunks of bland dried out chicken. Everything tasted very chain and prefab.

        1. re: omotosando

          i'm sorry to hear you had such a dreadful meal at Uncle Nick's. We ate there not long after it opened last summer, and the food was fine at that time. It definitely sounds as though things have gone seriously downhill. The food at the original restaurant on 9th, b/t 50th & 51st, has a long track record of being well-prepared and tasty. Obviously, they are seriously neglecting this location.

    2. you don't need to bother with big ticket dining for this.

      our favorite low key and humble healthy chelsea restaurant is VILLAGE YOGURT on 6th avenue at 15th street. don't let the old unassuming storefront and the yogurt title fool you, it's a tasty asian/vegetarian weekday lunch diner. i practically inhale those delicious thin skinned veggie dumplings!

      1. If you like Japanese food, you can try Morimoto. Their lunch set is very reasonable and quite healthy IMO.

        The Thai place in Chelsea Market is another option.

        I do very much agree with RGR that you can eat healthy in most restaurants by choicing the right dishes.

        1. Blossom is a very good vegan restaurant on 9th ave and 22nd. A bit further afield, try Gobo on 8th st and 6th avenue. If you are looking for something very quick, Better Burger is on 19th and 8th. it's specifically for the health and calorie conscious and I do like their baked fries and soyburger!

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          1. re: eeee

            Thanks, eeee, Better Burger sounds intriguing and convenient. Are their salads decent?

          2. Energy Kitchen, 17th St by 8th Ave. Very good menu, everything there is health-oriented. The meso-man shake is great, as is the bison cheese wrap, or any platter.

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            1. re: drmoze

              I just can't get behind Energy Kitchen -- it's expensive for what you get, everything tastes super bland, and you aren't satisfied at the end of the meal. Plus it's like $12 for a chicken breast, a few ounces of steamed broccoli, and some soggy mushrooms.

              1. re: Sugar

                very true it is a complete ripoff, but an addictive one. i always get the chicken sandwich w/ black beans and lentils as my two sides. they used to give you two grilled chicken patties on the sandwich, now it's down to one. thats still satisfying even if now i cant make two meals out of it anymore. VILLAGE YOGURT is much, much better as far as taste and value.

                1. re: mrnyc

                  I thought their turkey burger was decent for a healthy lunch option.