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Jun 6, 2009 08:31 PM

Go N To Nationals Stadium & Need DC Lunch & Dinner Recs!

Hi Chow Hounds!

Sorry about the short notice but we are going to a Nats game tomorrow afternoon. Normally we would just eat whatever is available at a stadium. Now that I have discovered Chow Hound I was hoping I could send out a SOS call. lol.

The game starts at 1:30. I really have no idea whats around the stadium or DC in general. I am not familiar with DC. Restaurants that I have eaten at down or around DC for previous lunches were Houstons, Crisfields & Benihana. I love them.

We dont want fancy. It could be a hole in the wall. We are not going to be dressed up. I'm hoping I'll get some suggestions for before the game (lunch) and after. It doesnt have to be like in the parking lot of the stadium. We have a call and are willing to drive a reasonable distance. Chinese, Italian, Seafood, Japanese, American, Shwerma places......... but nothing too ethnic. No sushi, thai, ethiopian or anything similiar.

If you know any must go to bakeries or cupcake shops please do tell. I really appreciate your recommendations. THANK YOU!!

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  1. Lola's (good bar food) or Cava (new Greek place) - both on 8th Street SE

    1. I went to Artomatic last night. It is a huge (free) art event that takes place right at the Metro stop for the National's games. Right at the metro in front of 55 M Street, is an On the Fly food kart. According to their website, the kart should be there tomorrow afternoon. It is a lime green food cart, can't miss it. I had a GREAT chili mac. They also have a coupon for $2 off on their website. Great for before or after the game.

      PS - if you have time, you should stop in and see Artomatic.

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        What do they serve? I can seem to find any detail on their website.

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          The truck that was there last night serves hot dogs and chili mac. Chili mac ($6) - a hefty portion - and a soda ($3!) are $10 with a bag of chips, so a combo will be only $8 with their coupon. I didn't try the hot dogs. I Think you can get sodas for cheaper inside Artomatic.