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Jun 6, 2009 07:59 PM

Tosca - MPLS

Had dinner tonight at Tosca in Minneapolis. It was fantastic. Service was solid - the waitress was friendly without being overbearing, and our dishes were nicely spaced out, so we didn't feel rushed. The space is nice (although a little loud). The food was excellent. We tried the spring plate appitizer - I could do without radishes (personal preference), but the pate and the pickled ramps were very good. Next, gnocchi and ravioli. The gnocchi were dense without being heavy and the sauce was lovely with just a hint of lemon to cut some of the richness. The ravioli was new to the menu and tasted like spring. It really showcased local produce and what's in season right now. Entrees were the salmon and the steak. The salmon was perfectly cooked and served with a few mussels. The steak came with mushrooms and potatoes and was as good a steak as I have had recently. I can't wait to go back.

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  1. thanks fromtheD- I recall reading some blog posts of one of the owners/chefs traveling in Italy and was hoping he would reproduce some of the great stuff he ate there, while still keeping the local focus here. Actually, not necessarily exactly reproduce the recipes as much as bring the culture and approach to food he encountered there.