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Jun 6, 2009 07:32 PM

After Place des Arts, where to go for later night eats

I had asked this before, but now, three of my ideas are out the window. Lemeac due to a poor performance on Friday, L'eXpress because for some reason, hubby doesn't want to go there, and Chez Levesques, been there, done that - not necessarily worth repeating.

Is Ferreira open late? (This is for a friday night in two weeks). Any other suggestions - not necessarily with an after 9 or 10 special.


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  1. Ferreira has a special after 10, as does Beaver Hall.

    I was surprised the last time I was at Ferreira that the seafood soup was only available after 10. I had been there before and had had the seafood soup earlier in the evening. I mentioned this to the bartender (we were sitting at the bar), and she indicated that they had made some changes.

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    1. re: souschef

      Can you tell me what kind of specials they have after 10? Is it like lemeac ?

      1. re: Alyson777

        I have not actually eaten there late (I do not eat that late), so have no idea what the menu is like.

    2. Six of us followed Thursday's tasting with our first-ever late-night dinner at Milos. Can't knock it from a value standpoint. $20.09 gets you a first course, a main and dessert, and none of them seemed dumbed down much if at all from the regular fare (which is also available). Starters included organic salmon sashimi (didn't taste it but those who did gave thumbs up) and an impressive platter of mezze (excellent tzatziki and taramosalata, a spread that appeared to be a blend of grilled red peppers and cream cheese, a few olives, two very good mini dolmades, toasted pita triangles). We all chose the same main: grilled Mediterranean sea bream (dorade), which was good if not great. The Greek-style baklava was flawless. They didn't skimp on presentation. Service was obliging but cool. Used to love the space but each round of renovations seems to rob it of soul. Still, I'd imagine the tasting group will be adding this to its shortlist.

      Wine bars would be another possibility. Bouchonné, Bu, Aszu and Pullman.

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        Any idea who makes Milos's baklava(I was told it's not made in-house)?

        1. re: BLM

          Nope. Didn't know it wasn't house-made.

      2. Café du Nouveau Monde (84 Ste-Catherine West) is the closest and they have a table d'hôte available from 8PM until midnight for 20-24$. I never had the table d'hôte because I usually go before a concert or a show. The food on the regular menu is good and the service is efficient.

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          I second CNM. The food is very good and the service is fine.

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            I've also had a fair number of meals at Cafe du Nouveau Monde, and it is a very reasonable place for a bite after a show. The food is very good. It won't knock your socks off, but they have some interesting choices, and the food is well-prepared. And you can't beat its location vis a vis Place des Arts! Only thing, it fills up pretty fast after a show. We see a lot of dance shows at Place des Arts, they tend to be shorter, and so we can usually get a place at CNM. But if you attend a longer show, it might be tougher.

          2. I'm going to veer off and suggest a walk to Chinatown. It is completely off base considering the restaurants you originally had in mind but you could take advantage of lobster season and go get some cheap cantonese style lobster after your show.