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Had a great meal in the E Village

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Just wanted to post about my dinner tonight at i Coppi, on 9th street between 1st and A... It was just a lovely evening all around -- food, ambiance, service... We sat in the garden, which is partially enclosed so nice on nights where it may get a little cooler... The setting is beautiful and even when completely full my mom and I we were still easily able to hear each other. .

Food was delicious and consistent-- my chickpea soup was just amazing... Complex, nutty, bowl of heaven. I made a meal with that and an appetizer -- tallegio and fig melted on grilled bread, with arugala salad. Beautiful flavor combo. Mom had the branzino which was delicious, and served with roasted cherry tomatoes and eggplant that melted in your mouth... Meals at tables around us looked equally good...

And the service was just perfection -- helpful, attentive, but not overbearing... Meal was paced perfectly, we were never rushed...

Anyway, just thought I'd share... So nice to have a meal that is both reasonably priced and a pleasure from beginning to end.

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  1. I have not been to I Coppi for brunch or dinner in awhile and was wondering how it is given recent chef changes I had read about. I've also had the fig app and am glad to hear it's still good. You mention the service was "just perfection." Is it still pretty relaxed?

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      It is indeed still relaxed, but to me relaxed + still attentive in a very unobtrusive way = perfect!

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        Thanks, fearlessemily. I'd always rather have relaxed service then be rushed.