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Jun 6, 2009 07:11 PM

Hamilton/Whitby Dinner & Breakfast

We'll be spending one overnight each, in Hamilton, on our way to Saginaw and in Whitby on our way to Montreal in late July. Looking for suggestions for either a good Mediterranean dinner or good pizza (if we're too tired to go out) place and a good local breakfast place (my wife loves eggs benedict and I'm an eggs w/bacon/ham guy.

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  1. Teddy's for breakfast/lunch

    Teddy's Restaurant & Deli
    245 King St W, Oshawa, ON L1J2J7, CA

    1. For mediterranean in Hamilton I would suggest:
      Wild Orchid...
      For breakfast in Hamilton I would recommend The Harbour Diner...
      I hear they have a great egg's benny and their other menu items are fabulous!

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        Mediterranean in Hamilton (ie. Lebanese, Persian) I would recommend La Luna or Dalinas.

        Wild Orchid and Ventura's are Portuguese.

        For Pizza, you have Chicago Style Pizza on Upper Sherman which does the deep dish style of it's namesake really well. Otherwise Valentinos does an okay thin crust....

        Harbour Diner is great for any meal and their specials are usually quite good.

      2. This is not to denigrate the responses I received but, since there weren't many, I Googled "Whitby restaurants" and was intrigued by Nice Bistro's website. We went there tonight and are we glad we did! A small (seats maybe 30-40?) storefront in the center of Whitby that reminded us of some of the bistros that we really liked in Paris. My wife had their Tortelloni maison sauce rosee - fresh pasta triangles stuffed with ricotta, spinach & figs. She asked if they could make it with the usual cream in the sauce, which was not a problem for them. I had an appetizer of PEI mussels that were cooked to perfection! My entree was beouf bourguigon that was really good. I had a glass of the house red wine which I found very satisfactory. My wife enjoyed a lemon tart for dessert and I ate the blueberries and raspberry from her plate. We both talked about wishing that our return trip would have been through Whitby, but that won't be the case. I'm sure we'll be sitting on the patio this fall and wishing we could just take a quick run to Nice Bistro. If you're ever in the area, or if you live near it, I urge you to make the effort to enjoy this reasonably priced gem - our check came to $67 CD, not including gratuity.

        1. If you are in Whitby and need a quick lunch, go to Starr burger on Brock Street. They are the best burgers in Durham Region, in my opinion. Get the homemade burger (they also have a pre made patty). They also have steak sandwiches, sausages, onion rings, ice cream, etc. If a more formal meal is your choosing, the food at Krebs (just a bit further north on Brock) is a good stop. Quality cooked meals and the best salad bar around!

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