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Dinner/Breakfast in Saratoga Springs

We'll be spending one overnight in Saratoga Springs on our way back from Quebec to PA in early August. Looking for suggestions for either a good Mediterranean dinner or good pizza (if we're too tired to go out) place and a good local breakfast place (my wife loves eggs benedict and I'm an eggs w/bacon/ham guy. I wish we were staying longer, but it's the end of a couple weeks vacation and as my late father-in-law liked to say "when it's over - it's over"!

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  1. I have not been to Saratoga since the late eighties. I used to work at the track. (good stop for a day if you are their in August). The Firehouse to be the absolute place in town to eat. Foe breakfast, hit the Latham diner in Latham NY, just a little south of Saratoga on RT 9

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      Pretty obsolete advice; the Firehouse closed years ago; now the building is Forno Toscano, which might be a good bet for your Mediterranean dinner, or try the same management's Chianti. Lots of recommendations on the board for both dinner and breakfast; Corner Cafe might be a good recommendation for your eggs w/bacon. Good pancakes.

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        I still do not understand the hyoe about Chianti's! I have tried both the old location and the new location, the food is mediocre at best. I know a lot of people think it is a "place to be seen"...but that's a different reason to like it.

        Best pizza would be Broadway pizza or Max London's.

    2. The best eggs benny are at Beverly's; Med. dinner=Chianti.

      1. FYI, I don't think Chianti's takes reservations. August is racing season and you may have a wait.

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          Chianti will now take your name and cellphone # when you check in; you can stroll around Saratoga, and they'll phone you when your table is ready. They've also opened their outdoor patio, so more tables. There'll be a wait, though, no question.

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            Thanks,PSZaas. Also for the heads-up on the restaurant in Ballston Spa.

        2. Breakfast at the racetrack, in the grandstand. I was taken there for that as a kid, more than 20 years ago. I assume they still do it.You have to get up early though.

          If you're looking for a more "down-home" option, Shirley's was really good. Again, no idea if it's still there, but I hope it is.

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            20 years is a long time. I've done the breakfast at the track once, fairly recently as I live in the area, and the food was overpriced and inedible. When we want to take someone to see the morning training runs, we stop at Mrs. London's bakery for world class pastries and take them with us.

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              Fair enough, that's a shame. We had such a good time all those years ago.

          2. Try Ravenous for a casual supper. Sweet and savory crepes as well as delicious Belgian pommes frites. Country Corner Cafe for breakfast - homemade jams and real maple syrup.

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              Ravenous is excellent, but OP's wife loves eggs benedict and I didn't see them on the brunch menu.


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                Just spent a couple days in Saratoga Springs, which strikes me as one of those places where it's easier to get a good martini than a good meal. Two exceptions: Ravenous is very good and, as hockeynewf sez, the fries are spectacular; and Hattie's (down the street from Ravenous) is a wonderful soul food restaurant with fried chicken to die for.

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                  Please come back some time. There are several great restaurants here, some for fine dining, others casual, like the 2 you mention.

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                    I second you on Hatties. We were just up in Saratoga for 4 nights with a group for a board retreat. Had dinner at Hatties on Wednesday. The fried chicken was great, huge portion, not greasy at all, and very tasty.
                    We also had dinner at Maestros. It was a set menu because it was the entire group. I had the crab cake, which was excellent, and the duck breast, which was OK. Others had a lobster risotto, which was excellent. The chocolate cake (flourless) for dessert was quite good as well.

                    Another great dinner choice was Dine. We were looking for a high end restaurant with an eclectic menu, and this one looked like it would work. I made an 8:00 reservation on Saturday night for 13 people. When we arrived, we could not be seated immediately, however they moved 4 people from one table to another that had opened so that they could seat our large group together along the back of the relatively small restaurant. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their food, and the service was excellent. For a restaurant of this size to get 13 people served all courses in the excellent fashion that they did was most unusual, and made for a very enjoyable evening. Compared to meals that we have had elsewhere, it was quite reasonable, although I understand that some would consider it pricey.

              2. Deff. Country Corner for breakfast. Good food and service. Mama Mia on ballston ave. has descent pizza and other dishes.

                1. Reporting on our overnight in Saratoga Springs. We decided on Hattie's for dinner and Beverly's for breakfast. Hattie's was great. We both had their Soft Shell Crab app and are still trying to figure out what the heck was in the cole slaw that lit our fire! I had the Red Beans & Rice w/Chorizo which was really good and so large a serving that I couldn't come close to finishing it. My wife saw the size of the Fried Chicken and wound up getting the child's size at the waiter's suggestion. In retrospect, I wish we had order the regular size of the chicken and split it. I tried her drumstick and it was outstanding! Breakfast a Beverly's was a mixed bag. I had my usual of 2 over-easy w/ham which was pretty good. My wife had her usual of Eggs Benny w/ham that she didn't like. So, I guess if we get back there, we'll do Hattie's again and try another place for breakfast. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions!

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                    Thanks for reporting back, bucksguy14. I just had Hattie's fried chicken for the first time last week at the Track. Very good. Went back for more this week. If only my betting choices were as good as Hattie's fried chicken! Can't wait to go to the restaurant after track season is over.

                  2. Breakfast: stopping in for a quick coffee/pastry, try their maple twists.
                    Sitting at the Bread Basket with a dark roast & a maple twist.
                    Relocating to Rhinebeck, about 10 years ago, I must say the Bread Basket is one of the few places I always visit on my return. The places in America where one can experience a sense of "community" are dwindling.
                    The fragrance of cinnamon as one enters, in the early hours, fills the soul with hopefulness and a sense that all is right in the world.
                    Thanks to the Bread Basket for providing quality ingredients, continuity, and the essence of what the human spirit needs.

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                      Mrs. London's has some of the best French/American pastries that I've tasted anywhere in New York state-if that's your style for breakfast,don't pass them by.