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Jun 6, 2009 07:06 PM

Do we still do off-lines on this board?


I haven't been as active on the board since the new website and having moved from Cambridge to Waltham. Do you guys still organize off-line dinners? Haven't seen any announcements. I remember a pizza crawl years ago that was a lot of fun.


  1. Keep an eye out for the word "Chowdown." We've had a few. I'd love to get another big outing to Fuloon happening soon.

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      1. I think they're far fewer than in the past, as personal networks have built to sustainable levels and some of us have gotten lazy. But feel free to organize one! It's easy enough. Hint: I need an excuse to get over to Waltham.

        1. Here are a couple of links with the how-to's, for anyone interested!

          This one is for ChowDowns - I'd offer the suggestion that you pick a time and place and post/sticky it - Keeps it simple for the organizer!

          This one's for ChowCrews - a group of Hounds who eat together regularly!

          1. We do ask that these sorts of things be planned offline, rather than being discussed here, so we're going to lock this thread. Keep an eye out for stickies announcing future chowdowns, or follow fredid's links for info on organizing your own outing.