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Jun 6, 2009 06:43 PM

Uncle Nick's - what to order?

hey guys,

i walked past Uncle Nick's greek restaurant tonight - which i've seen recommended here - and the food looked reeeally good, esp the lamb chops and the sardines. i checked the menu and the prices are resonable but every fish dish was listed as "Seasonal Price," which i find a tad daunting.

my 3 questions are:
1. what should one order?
2. what should one expect to pay for fish?
3. how's the grilled baby octopus? (i'm a HUGE fan of this dish when it's well done and crunchy)

thanks, foodies!

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  1. The lamb chops are delicious, as are the roasted lemon potatoes that come with it. I also like the grilled whole striped bass; however, it's been quite a while since I've had it there, so I can't offer any guidance on the current cost, though I don't recall it being horribly expensive. My favorite starter is the melitzanosalata (eggplant salad). The horiatiki (Greek country salad) is very good. (Note: The small size is large, and the large size is gigantic.) I've never had the octopus.

    1. If you order a dish that comes with rice, like fish, ask them to substitute potatoes--they're so good.

      1. The place doesnt get enough respect in my opinion. We've been going for years and the fish is as fresh and reasonable as any of the Astoria places, including Kyclades (our go-to place for fresh fish). Nick's has a list of the fresh fish being served and their prices on the blackboard as you walk in (at least I think they still do) so you dont have to ask the waiter about each. I think they're basically in the mid-$20s these days. You can ask the server or even the grill men what fish is best. RGR is correct about the country salad & about the roasted lemon potatoes... I would also recommend the "flaming cheese" (hey, I'm a tourist at heart in my own city and this show winds up tasting good as well) and the 4 app. plate. They also have some reasonably priced Greek white wines. I like the moussaka but most of the traditional meat based dishes (except the lamb) are usually dry. I stay away from the souvlaki because of this, although some like it fine that way.

        1. I agree on the lamb chops and the flaming cheese and would add the octopus.

          1. Have been to the Uncle Nick's near MSG, I would not recommend it.
            The food was good, but the service incredibly bad and bumbling.
            Management was not there the night we were there so there was no one to even complain to.
            As bad as any service that I have experienced in a NYC restaurant.

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            1. re: s.piller

              I've heard this complaint from others about that particular location--from a friend, and maybe another thread here.

              1. re: Peter Cherches

                Me too. Are they still open? The same thing happened when U.Nicks tried to open a place in the West Village.... terrible in every way. I only go to 9th Ave & 50th St., both to the restaurant and their bar/taverna next door.

                1. re: Steve R

                  Thanks, guys. The MSG branch is still open and is right by where I live, so I was bummed to hear that the service sucks there as it's about the ONLY place to eat in the neighborhood (if you can even call it a neighborhood), aside from Jake's BBQ Shackhouse (cue eye roll) and TGI Fridays (ditto).

                  1. re: Steve R

                    The Chelsea branch is still open. We ate dinner there once shortly after it opened. The food was as tasty and copious as the 9th Av. location, and we didn't have any problems with service. This despite the servers having to attend to one extremely large party taking up several rows of tables. However, if others, like s. piller, have had problems with service, it would appear that they've slacked off. Definitely not good!