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Aug 27, 2004 01:47 AM

La Cevicheria -- Mid-City

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I kept passing up this place on Pico Blvd between Arlington and Crenshaw and finally paid them a visit this week. La cevicheria calls itself a seafood grill, and they do make fish/shrimp tacos and all, but I was curious about their ceviches. The owner was very welcoming and helpful, and they do make a variety of ceviches. Besides the Mexican versions of ceviche and cocteles, they also make Peruvian style ceviches which are made to order (takes a half hour for the ceviche to properly marinade after you order). I was there to pick up something quick for lunch, so I ordered the coctel with everything, called "vuelve a la vida" (return to life) on the menu. It contained shrimp, oysters, abalone, octopus, crab, and fish, and it made for a nice light lunch. Only drawback was that the crab was fakemeat, but everything else was very good. Since I'm only visiting LA (my home town), I probably won't get another chance to do further reconnaisance on La Cevicheria, but I am optimistic based on this one experience. Curious to know if anyone else has had a chance to check this place out.

La Cevicheria
3809 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90019
(323) 732-1253

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  1. Hello, Eric!
    There have been a few posts on La Cevicheria since you originally posted back almost five years ago. I thank you for discovering this place...a delicious find!

    They have an "A" rating, and their service was very friendly and gracious. We ordered the Guatemalan ceviche and it was unlike any other ceviche I have tried. Everything was really fresh and the taste was clean. The cilantro, lime, onion, tomato and shellfish blended so well, yet each flavor was distinct.

    I didn't walk in a ceviche lover, but now I understand the chase for good ceviche. I look forward to a return visit! It was the perfect mid-day refreshment!