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Jun 6, 2009 05:55 PM

Fresno's best Restaurants for Fish

I've seen threads here covering some of the best places in Fresno for fish oriented dinner restaurants but I can't seem to find them now. Not refering to seafood necessarily but just outstanding fish dinners ie: salmon, halibut , cod,etc. and I'm looking for a reasonably upscale restaurant where we can enjoy a nice ambiance and good service. Thanks in advance for your recomendations...........Jeff

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  1. The best seafood that I have had lately has been at Limon, but it wouldn't entirely fit your descrition of "upscale."

    I have had amazing experiences at The Chef's Table (in Fig Garden Village). The service is superb, and the cuisine is spot on. They do feature seafood, but the menu does change so I would recommend calling in advance just to check what they are featuring that week (or day). IMHP the price for the quality and prepartion are a steal. The ambiance on the patio is fantastic too.

    Trelio's (in Old Town Clovis) would also be a place that I would recommend for you. The emphasis for flavor, quality and local ingredients cannot be matched. I think that the prices are very reasonable, just for the same reasons as TCT. The atmosphere is clean and minimal, yet it is very inviting.

    I hope that this helps!!

    1. You could try Pacific Seafood at Herndon and First.

      1. Recently, I noticed a new place being built in Villaggio by RiverPark. It is called Pismo something. Sorry couldn't see the entire sign. Does anyone know if this might be a new fish place?

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          The restaurant is going to be Pismo's Coastal Grill (or Grille, depending upon which promotional literature you're looking at). Being opened by the Fansler Group that also runs Yosemite Ranch Steakhouse.

          They have a minimally-functional website at:

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            Thanks, alan. I like the sound of this place. Sure nothing like it in Fresno. Guess they aren't open yet, but we'll keep our eyes on it. Love grilled fish and sand dabs in Fresno...wonderful!!

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              Pismo's Coastal grill is now Open. They don't have a menu on there website but the Urban Spoon Listing for them does. I loved it.

        2. I think the best fish we've had in town has been at Thai Royal Orchid (SW Herndon & First), each time it has been stellar. I guess you could call it upscale as far as our Asian places go. Sweet Ginger (NW Shaw & Marks) always has fresh fish that you can have one of two ways, a ginger sauce is one and I can't recall the second. Nice, clean place but not upscale.

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            Thanks for all the recs everyone! Does anyone know when Pismo's will open?

          2. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Riverpark has the most amazing halibut right now, and that is about as high class of a restaurant as you can get in Fresno. Plus they have this special going on where you get a 4 course meal for only $39.95. You get salad or soup, a main course entree, a side dish, and dessert. There are only limited entrees that you can order but the garlic crusted halibut is one that is on the list and trust me you will not be disappointed!

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              >>> and that is about as high class of a restaurant as you can get in Fresno <<<<

              God save us, if a chain steak house is our only claim to high class. Maybe try a few of the independents.... Trelio, Chef's Table, Cracked Pepper Bistro, Ripe Tomato, Lime Lite, Parma, and even a step down that I'd rate higher than RCS would be Campagnia, Max's, Manhattan... and that's not even bringing in some of the kick ass Asian.

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                *Repeats what Polar Bear said , word for word.