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Jun 6, 2009 05:36 PM

Utsav - Yorkville - mini review

Utsav came highly recommended as a higher end Indian restaurant to us. We thought we had pretty much tasted some of the best until tonight.
This was outstanding!
There were only two of us so we could not order too many items.
For starters we were served a very nice (sorry I did not catch the name) thin rolled crispy bread. It in itself was very tasty and it came with a cummin sauce and a mango sauce on the side. The mango sauce was of course sweet and the cummin sauce had a wee bit of zing to it, however very pleasant.
Our appetizer was the Onion Bhajia and for only 5.50 it was a full plate, it came with a Tamarind sauce. The taste was very good and it was made fresh. Aside, they use olive oil in preparing this fried dish. Nice touch.
We ordered Garlic Nan (2.95) and it was obviously fresh. Very light and even had some cheese on it. Warm and flavourful.
Mains consisted of Chicken Tikka Masala ( 12.95) and Chicken Korma Kashmiri (12.95). These are served in quaint classic pots (again there must be a proper name for them, however I don't know what they would be called) at the table so that you can share if you prefer. I'm glad as I tried both chicken dishes. The Korma was mild in spice but not lacking in taste. It was extremely tender and well cooked. The sauce was quite ample so you were not wanting more. The same for the Tikka Masala, very tender. The sauce was very nice and you can tell that they are really using fresh spices in their cooking.
To round things off we ordered the Vegetable Biriyani to go with our mains. The Biriyani was fantastic. The saffron was throughout made this very, very nice and it was cooked to perfection.
We did not go there to really drink so we ordered a half carafe of house wine ($20) to sip throughout the meal and while I didn't catch the name, it served it's purpose.
The waitress was very well informed on the meals, stated the spiciness of each dish and when we were ordering a little more than what she knew we could possibly eat (one appetizer instead of two), she pointed this out. And we were glad.
Service was excellent.
When we arrived at 5:30 there was only one other table of 6 being served however as we left there were more arriving.
The decor is indicative of an upscale Indian meal and the other thing that jumps out at you is how very clean it is.
Without a doubt, this is the best Indian food we have had in Toronto. Period.
The meal for two, without tip, was a little more than $73.00

69 Yorkville Ave ( Near Bloor and Yonge ), Toronto, ON M5R1B8, CA

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  1. Really? Great Indian food, cheap, and in Yorkville? Pinch me.

    What other Indian restos in the GTA are you comparing it to?

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    1. re: Googs

      Thanks for asking Googs. I live in close prox to the Gerrard St. E. cluster and I have tried a few of the more popular ones there. These too are worth revisiting, but I have my favourite now.
      Of course I have tried the ones along the Danforth and also the ones along King St. W near my work (nothing special). A couple more up in the Thorncliffe area as well ( a couple of good bargains up there BTW, but spartan). I can easily say I have tried a few dozen. Cooking with fresh spices and cooked fresh seemed to have made the difference as well as attention to detail. Buffets are much more value, but you lose quality as the steam tables work their magic on the food after a while... In so far as price, it seemed reasonable given the area and the portions. All of this has inspired me in the last few years to learn how to cook Indian meals from scratch. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't. :)

      1. re: Poorboy

        I haven't been there, but an Indian person I work with says his favourite on Gerrard St is called "The Famous Indian Cuisine" I'll have to try it out one day, has anyone eaten there?

        1. re: foodyDudey

          absolutely the best - this is like eating with home with family...great food and service....