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Jun 6, 2009 04:59 PM

Arz Bakery

Initially wanted to go to Athens Pastries to pick up some yalaktobouriko (custard and phyllo with a honey syrup), but got detoured and went to Arz instead.

We bought 4 pastries, but most of them had a weird aftertaste. Paid $12. The hazelnut torte in particular had a very weird sticky 'icing' on it. 2 of them were on the verge of being a bit stale, just not there yet. All in all I kinda regret making the detour cause I know I would have gotten an extremely fresh, much more stellar product at Athens.

Everyone did seem to be buying the various types of baklava, but that's not my thing, so I didn't. Did I just get the wrong thing? I thought they were kind of famous for their pastries, bakery, etc?? Anyone have a better experience or suggestion on what to get next time?

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  1. Wow, thanks for the feedback. I haven't been, but I keep driving by and wondering? Now, I'm glad that I just kept driving by! where is Athens btw?

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      Athens is on Danforth near Logan, with a branch on Vic Park south of Sheppard.

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        I'm sorta sad that someone would take one persons opinion as gospel and deny yourself the opportunity to make up your own mind about any store/restaurant...etc.etc.
        How many movies, tv shows, books or products have you liked that someone else hated.
        If you listened to them you would have never had the opportunity to enjoy them for yourself and you would have been the one that was worse off.

        Can I suggest that you visit them for yourself and make your own decision about them. You might end up aggreeing with the OP but at least it wll be because you decided that for yourself and not letting someone else decide for you.

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          Athens Pastries
          Contact : (416-491-0095)
          Address : 2567 Victoria Park Ave
          Scarborough, ON , M1T 1A4

          (right before Vic Park & Sheppard intersection)

        2. Yes, you got the wrong thing. The various kinds of baklava, and other Mid-Eastern pastries, are what they do well (though Patisserie Royale at Pharmacy is better). Their other pastries, though attractive to look at, are all blah and the icings are all fake.

          1. As embee mentioned you did get the wrong thing. Arz is over rated as a bakery IMHO. They make some of the best baklava mind you, but aside from that the other pastries range from mediocre to just bland. Now embee you mentioned Patisserie Royale, which side of Lawrence is it on North or South? Is it in the same plaza as Cucina Manila on the north or that long strip mall of mom and pop restos on the south east side?

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              Their pita is the best that I have had, and that includes Detroit. Whole wheat in particular recommended , but the ww is not made everyday, call and find out when available fresh. I like to get the bags of appearance challenged culls Very cheap and just as good.

              Patisserie Ryale is in a south- west corner of a plaza on the south side, and hidden. The store that fronts on Lawrence is a kebob place. You won't find PR unless you know that it is there.

              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                A bit more info: Plaza is at S/W corner of Lawrence and Pharmacy and shop is at the S/W inner corner of the L-shaped plaza. Indeed, PR is invisible from the street and from much of its own plaza. There's a Fritou chicken at the Lawrence end of the "L".