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Jun 6, 2009 04:56 PM

Denver - Brazilian Steakhouse/Churrascurria?

Hubs and I will be visiting in early August - we are DYING to try a churrascurria, as so far there aren't any in our location - have seen, from online searching, Texas de Brazil and Rodizio's in Denver - would love feedback from the Chowhounds on these or any others! THANKS!

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  1. Rodizio is in LoDo, next to historic Union Station. It has the better, more interesting location and a fantastic patio. Texas de Brazil has a phenomonal assortment of buffet fare besides the skewered meats carved at each table, but it is located in a characterless new retail/dining development called Northfield at Stapleton on the site of Denver's old airport. Rodizio is a mini-chain w/ just a couple of locations; Texas de Brazil is a bigger one. I recently read somewhere that a third churrascurria is opening somewhere in metro Denver, but I can't recall the name, the location or the projected opening date. Perhaps some other Hounds know..

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      I don't, but it'd be nice if we had one that weren't part of a chain.

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        Fogo de Chao opening sometime this summer at 1515 Wynkoop

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