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Jun 6, 2009 03:53 PM

Where did you eat this week ?

I am thinking it might be fun to post on where locals eat in a given week; I end up eating out now and then for necessity , not necessarily looking for a gastronomical adventure and I end up at places that might not be recommended highly but they fit the bill for what I'm looking for. Monday night, we had a simple pasta dinner at Bistro Marinara on Stanley,
tuesday I had a burger at Buns, wednesday mid morning I met my daughter at Eggspectation on Laurier, I had an errand to run around there, they do a basic eggs over easy and toast rather well, the side terrace was lovely. Thursday around 5, I was starving and again on Laurier, since I only had 45 minutes, I hopped over to laurier bbque, it did the trick; leg of chicken, baked potato, coleslaw, needed a sugar fix so I had their moka cake, basic white cake covered in icing like my mom used to make. So nothing memorable this week but no bad meals either out of all of the above. I had a dr appt finish earlier than predicted on wednesday, so I took the time to walk over to Myriade for a decaf cap, that's always a treat.

how many times do you eat out in a week ?

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  1. I like this idea :) Normally maybe once on average - this week I went to Buns for a burger also; had dinner at La Fabrique; ate a whole bunch of horrible rolls at Odaki; grabbed a slice of pizza at that little place at the Atwater market. I also ate ice cream at both Ripples and Meu Meu. I am sad the Earl Grey flavor has disappeared this week.

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      How is La Fabrique? I walked by one day and thought I saw people with chic little portions of cotton candy?

      We didn't eat out much this week, just a quick meal at Miga for their deep-fried pork with rice, coleslaw and kim chi, miga tofu and some tempura for my kids. We had a lot leftover so I reheated it in the oven the next day and added a big salad. Also ate a shish taouk while shopping at Marché Adonis.

      My kids and I have started a comparative analysis of nearby ice cream places. So far the blueberry ice cream at Leo Le Glacier on Duluth got a big thumbs up, plus the music was good, the selection interesting. The prices have gone up since last summer though. And Meu Meu has the best selection if, like me, you need to avoid cow's milk ... nice soy milk ice creams and a good ginger sorbet. Best choices, less comfortable seating and ambiance on the street.

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        Ermm... I'd excerpted my blog post about it but CH mods deleted it when I linked to the blog, so I'll just copy and paste what I wrote there for you :)

        When La Fabrique first opened, I passed by and noticed an unlaminated, unbleached paper menu bolted to the wall outside. “That’ll never last,” I thought to myself. “First sign of rain and it’ll be ripped off.” Sure enough, not long after, four screws are all that remain of the menu advertising their offerings to passerbys on St-Denis. With the menu now absent, I couldn’t remember exactly what had intrigued me about the place, but I ventured inside to find out. Through the doors, awaiting a seat, I found an antique typewriter baring the menu absent from outside. It read of Asian-inflected bistro fare that must’ve piqued my curiosity.

        We arrived quite early, shortly after opening hours, and had free range to choose our seating. Tables for two along a wood paneled wall were adorned with comfortable looking seats, so there we sat. By the end of the evening, leaning in for conversation had proved to make these chairs much less comfortable. While we perused the menu more upright, my lumbar certainly was quite comfortably supported.

        Menu reading skills are among my only French competency, but I admittedly struggled a bit here. Our waitresses were very helpful with this and well versed in the choices offered. The soups come “in a jug” suitable for two, one of which was a curious offering of chilled tomato with tuna in oil. The salads read like a meal in and of themselves, with traditional selections like salade Nicoise. There are also a few terrine selections, as well as a tabbouleh wrap with falafel that I’d nearly decided on before choosing the salmon tartar.

        If braised bistro fare is up your alley, your needs are surely met here. Salmon filet and cod are among the seafood options, as well as a few pasta dishes, including a tagliatelle with olives that had me second guessing my decision to order the veal cheek. Shannon opted out of an appetizer and chose the aged filet mignon with fries cooked in duck fat. I believe we may have benefited from happy hour, but I was happily surprised to discover my pint of griffon blonde set me back merely a five and a quarter. I briefly browsed the wine list, which offered quite a few selections in the $30-50 range. Certainly La Fabrique isn’t cheap eats, but for a proper dinner out, you could certainly do far worse, with an appetizer, main, dessert and drink only setting you back around $50, which may even include a free cooking lesson, if you’re up for eavesdropping.

        The restaurant is set up surrounding a completely open concept kitchen, similar to the set up of Duel. Prep was still underway for service, and a young cook was in training during the preparation of our meal; free lessons that fell on our ears. “You do not want it to taste of lemon,” the chef said, “But you want to cut it, so that it does not taste fatty in the mouth.” Something delicious was being stirred in a large rondeau. Something sizzled in a hot pan. The smell of sesame oil filled the air as my salmon tartar reached the table and a basket is hung from the wall.

        Inside the basket we found two slices of grilled bread, which we quickly slathered with the supplied fresh herb butter. The bread was barely marked by the grill and really didn’t do much to toast or flavor it, but it was really quite delicious with the airy whipped butter. This disappeared in a flash, as the acidity from nearly an entire jar of pickles we’d consumed while waiting for our meal had been eating through our stomaches. Perhaps the most easily palatable of pickles, a middle ground combination of sweet and tart without being overpowering of either, flavoring thin lengths of cucumber. Along our side of the kitchen featured a rack of sanitized jars that would later go on to contain many more of them, no doubt.

        The tartar sat amid a selection of brunoised vegetables with three ridiculous shoots of crisped crust jetting out of the center. I suspect the vegetables are intended to be consumed with the salmon, as any nuance of non-salmon flavor in the tartar was lost on me with the acidity in the vegetables. Once I mixed it up a little, I thought it was a very well composed dish, though I wish I would have had something else to eat it with after devouring my slice of bread.

        More patrons filled the restaurant as The Arcade Fire played continuously over the speakers. As the ambient noise increased, I’m not sure I’d like to be at La Fabrique on a busy weekend night, as it would surely reach the volume of a factory, with no buffer from other tables but an increasingly noisy kitchen preparing our food.

        Our meals arrived. I received very generous portions of veal cheek underneath a wide selection of vegetables, topped with blackened peanuts. The bitter flavors of Asian greens and the earthiness of the peanuts seemed like a strange pairing to the roasted root vegetables and gelatin-rich cheek. Nothing could possibly be more tender and succulent than the well braised texture of veal cheek, and this was well prepared with a nicely browned and flavorful exterior.

        Certainly not to be outdone, Shannon’s steak was a touch below medium that she requested, but the meat so flavorful and tender that she hardly seemed to mind. This was accompanied by a quenelle of bearnaise and the aforementioned fries, which had an excellent flavor, but were somewhat soft and under salted, which was hard to compensate for with the rock salt in a tiny mortar that was placed on our table. A tiny ketchup bottle filled with a house-made barbecue sauce that had a taste reminiscent of menthol was but a small drawback to an otherwise pleasing plate.

        Since I was unable to actually finish my veal, we skipped dessert. I was curious about the simply titled “bananes,” as well as a house-made Joe Louis dessert though. Maybe next time. Overall I was quite happy with our experience, though I could see some service issues on a well-packed night. Some of the flavor combinations might be a bit hit or miss for my palette, but the food is certainly fresh and well prepared at a price hard to beat for what is offered. Within stumbling range of the Sherbrooke metro, this would be an excellent place for anyone looking to have more than one drink with an excellent meal before heading out to the St-Laurent nightlife. They also apparently offer brunch on the weekends, which I would also like to try!

        1. re: afoodyear

          Great review .. definitely makes me curious about the brunch too. I've bookmarked your blog!

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            There was positive mention of it in the, "Looking for a brunch with patio and booze," thread (though it is sans patio). If I get around to trying it out, I'll post about that as well!

    2. Fantastic idea. I am very similar to you about weeknight meals. We usually eat out an average of 3 times a week but this week it was only once:take-out from Sushi shop and while not bad, the rise in their prices in the past year or so, made me decide not to order from there anymore. The rolls were decent but for 40 pieces it was close to $60. I think for a weeknight meal it is too much and especially since their sushi is really average. Other weeks are fuller on the eating out front. It will be fun to see where others are eating on a regular basis.

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        "the rise in their prices in the past year or so, made me decide not to order from there anymore. The rolls were decent but for 40 pieces it was close to $60"

        Interesting. The sushi restaurant I frequent here in Ottawa recently DROPPED their prices. My favourite item on the menu now is a sashimi combo that costs $20 for 20 pieces. That includes miso soup and a salad. And it's good.

        1. re: hungryann

          hi ann, we ordered from kejaki this week, 24 pieces with tax & tip came to roughly $40. not cheap but man, their food is fresh and the maki rolls are huge.

          1. re: C70

            Good to know...I will consider. Half of my maki rolls were small, i.e. 8 pieces per roll.

            1. re: hungryann

              the large come in 4's at kejaki and they range from 3.49 (vegetarian) to 5.99 (spider). most at 4.29-4.39.

              mmm spicy salmon, I think I want more today (and it's totally not in the budget, darn rent week!)

            2. re: C70

              I tried Kejaki and you are right on. Much better taste-wise, better value and good size rolls. Will definitely go back. Thanks for the rec.

              1. re: hungryann

                my pleasure, I want to see them do well. I've always ordered, but I love the fact that they're bwow too.

          2. Nice idea. Here goes, then - I used to have dinner out 2-3 times a week, but have been trying to cut down on expenses and limiting to once a week. But this week that didn't quite work out ! Went to Jun I on monday, for the first time. It was good, but frankly I didn't find it that superior to any good sushi place; and the maguro and sake nigiri that we had looked a bit worse for wear, like they had been frozen excessively.Then tuesday I had some more sushi, this time at Miyako, before the Doves show at the National. Very nice, as always - excellent non-sushi appetizer as well.

            1. This week, I had lunch at Dao Vien on Côte-des-Neiges and Cracovie on Gatineau. Good and inexpensive food.

              On Friday night, I tried Lazzeez, a new pakistanese resto on Jean-Talon West. I prefer Maison du curry Indian Curry House.

              Tomorrow night for my birthday, I will go to Milos for their Sunday night special - 4-course menu for 45$. I also enjoy their 20,09$ lunch menu. I cannot afford to go at other times.

              1. Add The Main and La Chilenita to the list tonight. I think we need to go grocery shopping :o