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Jun 6, 2009 03:48 PM

NYC Lobster roll search

hoping to get great lobster roll in the city tonight, but a lot of debate between Pearl, Ed's and Mary's Fish Camp. any suggestions? best value and quality for the price needed.

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  1. pearls is super mayonnaise-y and wet...they also rush you when you eat.

    ed's used to be great but they are on their last legs in my opinion. their buttered roll saves their sandwich...this is a good option as there's usually no wait only eat at the bar though as service can kinda least recently. their fries are good as well.

    marys...probably the best lobster roll of the bunch...also, good service and a good vibe. fries are balance of meat and mayonnaise. i also love and hate their banana can taste a little medicenal but its still a great finish to the meal.

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      I like the one at Mermaid Inn - can only vouch for east village location but it's delicious - on a grilled bun instead of roll..

      Mermaid Inn
      96 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10003

          1. re: jenniebnyc

            Fourth! When I had it, I feel like they weren't cheating w/the mayo and non-lobster filler. Great balance of flavor, and great value for money.

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              I must disagree. I had one at Mermaid last week, and the mayo was NASTY, all musty tasting and not pleasant. I'll stick to Pearl's.

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                Fifth to the Mermaid Inn's- either location. It's great, and a good value with their weekday blue plate special- Lobster roll, fries, and blue point beer for $20 (certain hours only...check their website)

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          i like the one at pearl - and they have never rushed me. and i have sat there at peak hours too.

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            I agree about Ed's. We tried the lobster rolls there a while ago, and thought they were delicious -- very light touch. But when we went back the other week, I was really disappointed. Way too much sauce/mayo, which made me seriously regret not just making my own rolls at home! (which is how I usually feel when I drop $27 for a lobster roll but used to not mind doing at Ed's back in the day every so often. Not anymore.

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              I'm also in the Mary's Fish Camp, camp. Probably the most decent lob roll you will get in the city.

              IMO Mermaid Inn is not good, just sayin'. It used to be pretty decent but has seriously declined in the past year and a half or so (I'm talking EV location). I ate there a couple months ago (for the last time) and had the famous beer/lobster roll special. It was a watery mess. Service was rude and rushed. Don't know why I strayed from Mary's. Sometimes there's a line, so be prepared to wait at prime times.

            2. don't know if it's too late, but i could swear i just read a CH recommendation for the one at Lure Fishbar.

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              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                The one at Lure is delicious! It's much lighter on the mayo though but the lobster is soooooo sweet and fresh!

              2. not sure 'value' and nyc lobster roll belong in the same sentence, but the quality youll get at all three of those places is just fine. none of them do anything to actually ruin their lobster roll (a la cyrils in montauk with the dill bath they give it). i dont think any of them price for under $22-24. warning on the mary's fish camp one is that their fries are awful. and if you're at ed's and one of your dining partners wants to try the lobster pot pie, advise them not to. its a bowl of hot heavy cream with a freezer section puff pastry laid over it- one of the most disappointing things ive ever had in a restaurant in nyc.

                1. I've only been to Mary's and Pearl. I prefer the one at Pearl. We usually sit at the bar, and I've never felt rushed - we usually go for lunch, or just when they open at six pm, and I prefer sitting at the bar at Pearl over that at Mary's. Nothing wrong with the roll at Mary's but both times that I've gone, it's been considerably more expensive than that at Pearl (so expensive that I called Pearl both times to see how much the roll was their).

                  Mary's is open for lunch on the weekends, which is a plus.