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Best Bar Food in West LA?

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I'm wondering where I can find the best bar food on the westside (Santa Monica, Venice, etc.) Even better would be good bar food and good atmosphere/music/etc. The only one I know of is the Arsenal.

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  1. The Globe in Venice, see ya' there tomorrow!

    1. If you are into ale and draft beer, try the Library Alehouse (2911 Main St., Santa Monica, Phone: (310) 314-4855). Great selection of micros and imports on tap and the food is pretty good with selections ranging from turkey burger to wasabi mashed potatos to buffalo wings.

      So much better than Father's Office for both beer and food.

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        pretty good...but I liked the food at Father's office better. The only thing good I had at Library alehouse was goat cheese papaya quesadillas. everything else was marginal.

        Good selection of Beer, but imho Father's office was better there, too...


      2. The San Francisco Saloon on Pico is good solid bar food

        1. Probably too far, but the armadillo eggs at Manhattan Beach Brewing Company are amazing.

          And good beer too.

          1. Father's office, in Santa Monica (on Montana). Great burgers, and awesome sweet potato french fries with ranch dipping sauce. Yummm!

            1. Let me be yet another to tout Father's Office. Library has the added convenience, though, of having more places to sit since it does have a back patio which is much quieter than the front of the house where the bar area is.

              1. yeah. both are rather BORING bars unfortunately...

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                  Sloppier food, but quick service, crazy small biker bar: The Shack on culver.

                2. I love the pizzas at the Bodega Wine Bar.

                  And I love the burger at Rustic Canyon, but this is probably more of a restaurant than a bar, but they do have a small bar area where you can order anything on their menu.

                  Chez Jay is also interesting - great food in a dive bar.

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                    Beechwood, Montana Lounge, FO (no spirits), James Beach (more expensive restaurant type menu but has a good bar scene), Hinano (dive bar that fries up hamburgers behind the bar that are enjoyable after some drinks).

                    I like Chez Jay, but I'd put their food closer to Sizzler than Houston's.