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Jun 6, 2009 02:14 PM

What is your favorite dish to have Harissa with?

Finally found an amazing Harissa, I believe it is Mustapha's. I would love to hear what you put you Harissa on? I could put it on just about anything it is so good, scrambled eggs, tagine, potatoes. Would love any new ideas!

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  1. There are a couple restaurats here that have used harissa in some sandwiches that are outstanding. One is a bacon, egg and harissa sandwich (toasted bread). Simple, but the harissa adds a delicious kick. The other is a decadent egg salad sandwich. Big chucks off egg, fresh mayo, with roasted sweet and hot red pepper and harissa mixed in to give it an extra zip. This sandwich is served on focaccia. Deliciously decadent and brings an exciting new flavor to the standard egg salad sandwich.

    1. Tossed into roasted root vegetables.
      Added to steamed rice
      Spread on chicken and grilled
      A surprise ingredient in garlic bread
      On pizza!

      1. My husband loves it on broiled lamb rib chops. I've also blended it up with roasted red peppers to make a less-spicy version that is great as a sauce for roasted cauliflower or even an adventurous pasta, with sausage, greens, tomatoes, etc. Also, I've done middle-eastern spiced ground beef patties and served a harissa cream on the side.

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          katecm, could you share the harissa cream recipe? Sounds wonderful!

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            It's not much of a recipe! I did it once when I had an unusually potent harissa and wanted to cool it down. I basically usually mix the harissa with sour cream to taste (I usually do about half and half, but again, it depends on the natural heat of the harissa and on how spicy you want it). Then I stir in some lemon juice to brighten it up a bit, and usually stir in minched chives or scallions if I want some texture. It's also really good with seafood.

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              Yum! I'd probably sub greek yogurt for the sour cream. katecm, this also sounds like it would be fabulous as a veggie dip! Thanks for the guideline.

        2. We usually spread it on veggie paninis or yes, as the base of thin veggie pizzas.
          it work well with pasta + black olive + strong greens
          we like it spread on pieces of fish or chicken, especially when they've been in the freezer.

          1. It's got to be this recipe. I found it in a story from a California newspaper about a "Pacific Northwest cuisine" restaurant opening in Manhattan. I don't know what it has to to with any of the above parts of the world, but it's damn good!

            Grilled Lemon-Harissa Chicken

            It goes great with this cold Carrot Salad, btw...

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              I recently had dinner at a Tunisian friend's house and she made an appetizer that was basically thick baguette slices, with a bit of harissa spread on top, topped with a green pepper and (herb? spinach? and salt?) puree, and some chopped olive and hard-boiled egg. It was SOOOO good!