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Jun 6, 2009 01:53 PM

Orillia good grub- Memorial Avenue

PicNic Restaurant
179 Memorial Ave
6am to 8pm
Greek-Canadian diner
Found my self in Orillia on two days and went to PicNic twice . Good quality, good sized servings; wholesome and not expensive. Better than the one trip to Hill's next door.
Good big breakfast one morning. Three eggs, homefries, shredded beets, fruit, toast and jam, tea; I refused the meat which would have been included, $4.95. Next day for lunch I had a home burger, french fries and salad . I asked for the fluid from the olives for a dressing for the salad. I had the burger on rye toast. Surprisingly good, and more pleasure than from most of the fancy burger places that have opened in TO, even though there were no gourmet toppings. Forgot how the whole thing was , but the burger was $3.50.

No connection with PicNic on the Danforth. In Orillia there actually is a Nick.

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  1. Yes! This place is great, its our regular stop after a day of biking/skiing/snowshoeing when I go visit my family who live nearby. The specials are good especially the desert, one day the owner brought us all a slice of this yummy phyllo/custard cake...looked it up later and found out it was Galaktoboureko and have been making it at home ever since.

    1. Stopped for lunch at the PicNic on Saturday on our way home after camping. My husband ordered the Greek souvlaki; platter with greek salad, rice, tzatziki, and he chose pork souvlaki and the fresh cut fries. My 12 yr. old ordered and thoroughly enjoyed the liver and onions with real mashed potatoes ad a salad. I opted for the pork chops with mashed, gravy and applesauce and salad. Each meal was $8.95 for very substantial portions. Good homecooking. Not greasy. Not salty. And the service was friendly and efficient. It wasn't busy which is hard to understand because Hill's parking lot was packed. (The only thing that Hill's has that PicNic doesn't is broasted chicken which is a weakness of mine dating back to my childhood.)

      We stopped again for Kawartha Dairy ice cream at their outlet in Uxbridge where a small cone (two scoops) for only $2.85 was the size of my son's head. Followed that up with a stop at Hulschof's farm stand for cabbage, broccolli and cauliflower are only 99 cents a field fresh head. Corn was $6.00/dozen and was by far the best corn we've bought all year. Too many cobs we've bought elsewhere have been small, immature, with uneven rows and tasteless mealy or underdeveloped kernels. These were large, crispy, juicy and sweet with a uniform appearance.

      Thanks for the PicNic recommendation. It reinforces my belief that if you want a decent homecooked style meal while travelling check out a greek-canadian-american diner or family style place. Oddly enough this has worked for me in Europe too.

      Thanks for the recommendation!