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Jun 6, 2009 01:35 PM

Bonnie Jeans is good

Went to Bonnie Jeans' last night with a large group. Had their fried chicken, deep-fried mac and cheese (pic) collard green wontons(pic) honey pecan chicken, colarg greens, gizzards, black-eyed peas, catfish, cornbread (pic) and peach cobbler. Missed the oxtails- next time. We spend about $22 each.

Everything was very good- I thought the cobbler was a bit of a miss, but overall a great meal, and I recommend it. And yes, Mimosa and Rotie have been saying so for some time- where have I been?

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  1. Those photos make me hungry! And remind me its been too long and I need some oxtails. Sounds like there are a few new menu items too. Thanks for the photos and reminder.

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    1. re: rotie77

      "Those photos make me hungry!" Then my work here is complete ; )

      She told us the wontons were a test item. And colarg should read collard. Duh.

    2. California is a big board. Do you mean BJ's in San Diego?

      Bonnie Jean's Soul Food Cafe
      1964 54th St, San Diego, CA 92105

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        Funny, I put in the link but it appears it did not "stick". Thanks for the clarification.