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Jun 6, 2009 01:12 PM

Saucier - 2 quart or 3?

I am planning to add an All-Clad SS saucier to my kitchen and I am hesitating between 2 quart or 3. I usually cook for two, when entertaining not usually more than 4. It seems that 2 qt would be fine for most of my needs but I am wondering if anyone has found any limitations or compelling reasons to go with the larger size? Also, other than the obvious sauces/risotto what uses have you found for your saucier? Thanks!

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  1. knet, of course, the decision is a very personal one. We can tell you our experience, however. Of all the pots and pans that we have owned in 37 years of marriage, the one that my spouse uses almost as much as all of the others combined is the 20 cm Demeyere Apollo "conical sauteuse" (54920), , which has a nominal capacity of two liters (2.1 quarts, approx.). Tonight I plan to use that very pan to cook up a batch of one of our all-time favorite seasonal recipes: Clarisse Schiller's Umbrian pasta con sugo di asparagi -- YUM! The 2 liter saucier is ideally suited to that task, as we know from past(a) experience.

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      Sounds like a nice dinner! I think the 2 quart would probably be the right size for me, I don't want to come to regret the choice if I should find out later that there is any particular task that the 2 quart just won't accomplish. Thanks for the input and the Demeyere looks like a beautiful pan as well.

    2. I have the 3 quart and can't imagine having anything smaller, even if I'm cooking for two. I love this pan and use it as my sautee pan, too. (I know purists are wincing!) I just got an email from Willams-Sonoma touting their their new exclusive AC pan that's a cross between a saucier and a sautee pan. At $130, it's a great deal. (I can't believe I just said that!) But, it's 4 qt. I wish they made a smaller one!

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        SailingChef - that is a nice pan!. I am a bit surprised I haven't also had the WS e mail as I am on the list but I don't believe this pan is on offer in Canada yet. And it would be too large, so I too would wish for a smaller one! Interesting that you use it for saute as well, I was wondering about that possibility. ALso poaching - have you done any in the saucier?

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          I have a 2 quart Demeyere that I love but it was too small for caramel and puddings, so I bought a 3 quart, and it is JUST right!

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            Same here...except I recently went ahead and bought the 2 quart, as well (I needed a lid and the All Clad outlet had SUCH a sale it wasn't that much more than just a replacement lid in that size <g>). But it's unused, so far. I just keep reaching for the bigger one, as I don't have to worry about slopping over the sides when I whisk, and it's a great size for steaming vegetables, and it sits sturdily on the burner even when empty (whereas the 2 qt., empty, has a tendency to tip due to the handle weight).

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              Wms-sonoma is selling the four qt. All-clad essential pan for a hundred bucks as part of a father's day sale.

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                Williams Sonoma is now selling an All Clad "Essential Pan" in the 3 quart size. The profile looks very much like a saucier, and when I look for a 3-quart saucier in the D5 line, I come up empty.

                So it appears that All Clad has replaced the 3-quart D5 saucier with the Essential Pan. It's currently $130. I'm hoping it drops to $99 before I cave in and buy it at $130.

                It will fill the gap between my 2 qt sauce pan and my 4 qt stock pot (actually a sauce pan with loop handles, which works better for me anyway.)

                I keep thinking I need to downsize, but they keep coming out with new stuff I can't live without . . .

              2. I find it very hard to get any perspective re the size/volume issue. Obviously people eat different amounts and cook for different numbers of people. As an example, the whole dutch oven thing; having cooked enough for about 7-8 meals in my 4.5 qt LC (at about the max volume it holds) I was surprised to hear people saying they would never have less than 6qt or higher. I think 4.5 is LOADS.

                If possible, I'd suggest purchasing from a store that will give you 14 days to try one, and return it for the other pan if it's too small (go for the smaller first to avoid getting store credit for the difference). You can get a rough idea from here, but only you will truly know what's perfect :)

                1. Depends on how you will use the pot. I have both sizes, and use the 3 quart much more often, especially if I use a whisk. The 2 quart is just too small in which to adequately whip anything, though it is useful for more gentle stirring.

                  1. I have a 3qt and a 1qt. Use them both. Never felt the need for something in between.