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Jun 6, 2009 12:31 PM

Best dim sum in Scarborough

I want to go for some good dim sum tomorrow. Honestly, I recall some of the names of really good places but can associate them with any location. So I'll be heading to Scarborough (ellesmere & Kennedy). Is there a top notch dim sum place I can hit while I'm up there?

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  1. Dragon Dynasty on Brimley @ Huntingwood Drive is the closest best bet.

    Dragon Dynasty
    2301 Brimley Rd, Scarborough, ON M1S 5B8, CA

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    1. re: T Long

      That's a name I remember. thanks T Long.

    2. You could try Perfect at 4386 Sheppard Ave E, between McCowan and Midland on the north side. They're open 24 hours. Parking is tight at times so go early.

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      1. re: scarberian

        I haven't had dim sum in over 10 years! Do you know if Perfect only serves dim sum during the usual times, or is it available on the menu all day? I'd like to find a good restaurant that has a good range of dim sum items on the menu, plus regular Chinese food items for my hubby (he doesnt like dim sum).

        1. re: Fizzzzzy

          Sorry not sure. I've only eaten there for dim sum, but I think I saw menus at some tables.

        2. re: scarberian

          Dimsum at Perfect is disgusting, same goes for their dinners. I have family that loves going there because it's cheap and they don't care too much for food quality.

        3. Case Imperial at Steeles & Warden.

          Casa Imperial
          4125 Steeles Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1W 3T4, CA

          1. This is a little late, but last Sunday I went to Best Friends at 4810 Sheppard Ave E (north side, east of McCowan - same plaza as Ten-ichi and Babu). There was a lineup out the door at 10 AM but we didn't have to wait long because we shared a table with another group. Dim sum items were fresh and tasty (and piping hot because you order from a menu instead of waiting for carts). Cheap too. The menu is bilingual, so don't worry if you can't read Chinese.

            1. Just an FYI, I didn't end up going, because the DVP was closed so it would have taken me forever to get there. Anyhow, will try to go this weekend and report back.

              Thanks for all the tips.