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Jun 6, 2009 11:18 AM

Any recs for Sushi in Woodbridge/Lorton area?

Hello everyone, was hoping someone knew about a place with good fresh Sushi.

I usually go to a place in Woodbridge called Tokyo but the Sushi is inconsistent, AND the waitresses while well-meaning, are just too bothersome. It happens all the time but yesterday at lunch I couldn't even read two paragraphs in a row from the newspaper without being interrupted.

Anyway, looking for good Sushi in Woodbridge, Lorton, Manassas, Dumfries, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. jediknight, I lived in Lake Ridge (Woodbridge) for 6 years and tried all the nearby sushi places. I highly recommend Ariang! It is located in the Dillingham Square Plaza (off Old Bridge road, between Smoketown and Hedges Run, next to the hobby store). They opened a year or so ago and quickly became my go-to sushi place. They bill themselves as hibachi, but have a small seating area in the front for sushi.

    Of course everyone's taste in sushi is different but here is my take on it.

    I have liked everything I have had there. Everything seems fresh, the gyoza is nice and light, plenty of spice in the spicy tuna roll, etc. Some previous specials are now on their regular menu -- I loved the volcano roll (like a california roll with spicy tuna and crunchy bread crumbs on top, sounds odd but is yummy), and the "Crazy Tuna" roll, which is topped with a lightly seared, sliced tuna that is coated with cracked black pepper. Also a fellow diner who doesn't eat sushi loved their teriyaki meal, and I also love their fried rice, smoky and flavorful with a bit of sweet sauce on top. Prices are comparable to others.

    Just be prepared for the possibility of disjointed order of service -- sometimes the kitchen items come out at the same time or after the sushi, but that never bothered me.

    The closest "second" I found to Ariang was The Japanese Steak House (TJSH) by the mall. Before either of them opened I used to go to Jangko off Route 1 in the Marumsco area. Don't bother with Sakura.

    When I moved a few months ago my biggest regret was moving away from Ariang, seriously!

    I hope this helps, enjoy!

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      thanks for the rec!!!! I'll try it next week.

      TJSH is the one I quit going to. I could go 4 minutes without interruption from the waitstaff how means well, but I like to be able to actually read a news article or have a convo while earing.

      1. re: JEDIKNIGHT

        Cool, I look forward to seeing what you think! Oh, I forgot to warn you, they do have a TV in the corner in the sushi area but I didn't find it to be obtrusive.