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Jun 6, 2009 10:38 AM

Looking for Barley Malt Powder in SF

I'm looking for barley malt powder in San Francisco, preferably in the Cole Valley/Haight/Richmond/Pac Heights/Sunset/Downtown areas. Any potential leads? Thanks!

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    1. What the crap do you use barley malt for? Same application as Malted Milk?

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        I'm using it in a cupcake filling and, if I can find it, a cookie recipe, too. It's a little different than malted milk, I think.

        1. re: rahir

          to help you i need a little more info. what exactly does the recipe call for? there are 2 types of malt powder (diastatic and non-diastatic) and also malt syrup as well as malted milk powder. Malt powders are sweeteners in baked goods and each has a specific purpose. Diastatic has the presence of enzymes that have converted starch to sugars and is most often found in yeast based products and non-diastatic does not have enzymes. If it's for a filling I'm assuming you are wanting malted milk powder or possibly the syrup as a sweetener as both true malt powders are more appropriate for baked goods like bagels for example. Let me know more and I can suggest a source. the point is they are very different and not really interchangeable so you shouldn't substitute one for the other, in particular in a cupcake filling.

      2. Beer making supply stores should have it.
        There's a place in the Inner Richmond (Geary? Clement) whose name I've forgotten; they sell wine and beer-making supplies.
        Although serious beer makers use whole-grain malted barley, the next level down in authenticity is malt syrup, then down to malt powder.
        Found it:

        1. It doesn't help but I last purchased it at Berkeley Bowl. Have you tried Rainbow?

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            I haven't tried Rainbow yet, but armed with a car, I'm heading there tomorrow!

          2. I would stop in at a beer brewing store as they are pretty much gauranteed to have what you want. San Francisco Brewcraft is a good place to start (as mentioned in another post). You may also be able to purchase as much or as little as you want (i.e. weigh it out yourself).

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              San Francisco Brewcraft
              1555 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA