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Looking for Barley Malt Powder in SF

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I'm looking for barley malt powder in San Francisco, preferably in the Cole Valley/Haight/Richmond/Pac Heights/Sunset/Downtown areas. Any potential leads? Thanks!

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    1. What the crap do you use barley malt for? Same application as Malted Milk?

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        I'm using it in a cupcake filling and, if I can find it, a cookie recipe, too. It's a little different than malted milk, I think.

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          to help you i need a little more info. what exactly does the recipe call for? there are 2 types of malt powder (diastatic and non-diastatic) and also malt syrup as well as malted milk powder. Malt powders are sweeteners in baked goods and each has a specific purpose. Diastatic has the presence of enzymes that have converted starch to sugars and is most often found in yeast based products and non-diastatic does not have enzymes. If it's for a filling I'm assuming you are wanting malted milk powder or possibly the syrup as a sweetener as both true malt powders are more appropriate for baked goods like bagels for example. Let me know more and I can suggest a source. the point is they are very different and not really interchangeable so you shouldn't substitute one for the other, in particular in a cupcake filling.

      2. Beer making supply stores should have it.
        There's a place in the Inner Richmond (Geary? Clement) whose name I've forgotten; they sell wine and beer-making supplies.
        Although serious beer makers use whole-grain malted barley, the next level down in authenticity is malt syrup, then down to malt powder.
        Found it:

        1. It doesn't help but I last purchased it at Berkeley Bowl. Have you tried Rainbow?

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            I haven't tried Rainbow yet, but armed with a car, I'm heading there tomorrow!

          2. I would stop in at a beer brewing store as they are pretty much gauranteed to have what you want. San Francisco Brewcraft is a good place to start (as mentioned in another post). You may also be able to purchase as much or as little as you want (i.e. weigh it out yourself).

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              San Francisco Brewcraft
              1555 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA

            2. Rainbow has had it in the past, but not consistently. It was in the bulk food section near the flours. If they don't have it, SF Brewcraft is a sure bet.

              1. Thank you, everyone! The recipe called for barley malt powder, and I found it at Rainbow. Now I can follow the recipes in hand and make cream filling for cupcakes/homemade twinkies.

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                  If the filling seems weirdly gummy or grainy, try substituting malted milk powder. I've never seen malt powder called for except in doughs and batters.

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                    Rahir, I agree with Robert's comment. If you read my original post...I'd be surprised if your filling really called for non-diastatic malt powder. It can be bitter on it's own and I can't imagine how it would be used as a sweetener in a filling. Many recipes are not written as specific as they should be and then the baker blames themselves when it is really how the recipe was written. I post this as I always hate to see bakers waste ingredients for a poorly written recipe. hope this helps. I think you really want malted milk powder.

                    1. re: cakebaker

                      I used the barley malt powder from Rainbow, and these twinkies turned out amazing. The filling calls for a good amount of powdered sugar in addition to the barley malt powder, which gives it a heavenly marshmallowy type taste. By the way, these are vegan twinkies, and many thanks to Jennifer's recipe over at schmooed food (http://shmooedfood.blogspot.com/2006/...).

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                        I was curious so I searched for homemade twinky recipes and easily found a couple that were very specific about using malt powder, not
                        malted milk powder, including rahir's. This is not surprising at all. Malted milk powder is just malt power plus powdered milk, sugar and other stuff you might not want in your recipe.

                        1. re: Zeldog

                          Twinkies are kind of gummy, so it makes sense.

                    2. re: rahir

                      Homemade twinkies! That's hysterical! I can't wait for the Cook's Illustrated article: "We were not satisfied with the texture of the cake, which, frankly, tasted too much like cake. Doubling the amount of Crisco didn't help, so we cut up a foam mattress into twinky shapes and found it to be an excellent approximation of the original."