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Jun 6, 2009 10:38 AM

The new Bella Luna?

Anyone been?
I know the location is probably the only thing that has changed but am just curious what your experience was like....

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  1. I've been a couple of times already. Business is booming! The location is amazing. A new, very cool bar has been installed and the patio is being built (don't think it's ready yet). I played skeeball. The menu seems to get more upscale as time goes on. It's a very fun place even without its nightclub component.

    1. Meh. Sat at the bar on an uncrowded monday or tuesday night and failed to catch either bartenders' attention during the ten minutes my patience lasted. Left unwatered and unfed. I have no idea if that's how it goes there or what, but I can't see any reason to go back. It's too bad too, since the place is just a puke & stumble from home and I was optimistic that it'd be a great addition to the neighborhood.

      1. Had dinner there shortly after they opened. Calamari salad was fresh and lemony. Pizzas were under cooked and just plain bad. Sat in a booth for two which didn't have enough leg room for one. Running the smokers gaunlet as you walk in does nothing to improve the dining experience. Doesn't seem like it attracts a terribly discerning crowd so none of this may matter.